InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-11-12

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As you can see from the above video this week, Stan Lee has made his way to InvestComics! The interview with Stan Lee (coming soon) was a milestone for InvestComics unto itself, but having Mr. Stan Lee welcoming fans to “InvestComics” is the Pinnacle for IC…… far. There are more things to be conquered, so stay tuned!

There are six number one issues to check out this week. Of the 6, four of them are from the independent circuit. The most disturbing cover of the bunch has to go to Secret #1. What is up with that cover? Nasty. But that cover will bring eyeballs over to it and make people pick it up so kudos to the marketing department here. Having talented writer Jonathan Hickman on the new ongoing series helps the cause even more for this book.

So Howard Stern will be making his debut on America’s Got Talent in a month or so. This week however, Image Comics has America’s Got Powers #1 coming out. Is there any correlation between AGT and AGP? Absolutely none. Coincidence? Maybe, but marketing strategies do work to enhance the most of a trend. So don’t go looking for Stern in this issue though, you’ll get Baba-Booey-ed!

Rounding out the number one issues from the Independent market are Alabaster Wolves #1 and Rich Johnson’s Iron Muslim #1.

……..And moving on to number 2 issues now, this week we check out the ever so popular follow up’s to Saga #1 and Manhattan Project #1. Will the comics sustain their popularity with continued great storytelling? Probably so, so don’t miss out on these!

The last of the number one issues covered here are from Marvel and DC. Both are targeting the younger animated audience. Coincidence? No way, they obviously are trying to vie for the same demo here. Green Lantern The Animated Series #1 and Marvel Universe Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 are the comics competing against each other this week. Both are going to rack up points with the Avengers title winning in the end.

The last of the Hot Picks this week goes to New Avengers #24. An AvX crossover with a very nice cover.

Speaking of covers, scroll through some beautiful artistry below. Covers of the Week!

See you on Monday with a very cool press release! Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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