InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7-27-11

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7-27-11

DC’s mega hot storyline Flashpoint continues as Marvel begins a new saga “Spider Island” this week in Amazing Spider-Man #666. It will not be anywhere near as popular as Flashpoint, but it does look like a fun premise.

There are quite a few Independent Comics to check out this week (again). Terry Moore’s Rachael Rising #1 leads the way. Joe Hill The Cape #1 from IDW, Moonstone’s Buckaroo Banzai #1, Big Dog Ink’s Critters #1, Action Lab brings Fracture #1, a team up with Terminator & Robocop from Dynamite, and Image Comics The Vault #1.

See you next week!  Invest Wisely. Enjoy the Covers of the week……

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