InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-10-11

Welcome to the latest installment of InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for the week of 8/10/11. 

On a personal note: This past week Bluewater Comics sent over the final cover to the comic I wrote. “Good Boy” will appear in Vincent Price Presents #36. It’s an amazing cover done by artist Stefano Cardoselli, with equally amazing colors by Jeff Balke. Click HERE to check out the cover. Look for the solicit in the next Previews, it’s due for a November release. Order the comic, and if you want it signed, send it to me and I’ll sign it for you! I’ll cover postage sending it back to you! Thanks to everyone that gave well wishes when the cover debuted on Facebook and InvestComics. This is just the beginning……..

Now the IC Hot Picks!  

DC presses onward with Flashpoint, but it’s a Batman comic that will make some noise this week. Check out Detective Comics #881 for what DC says “an issue that everyone will be talking about”. And staying the course with Batman, an 80 Page Giant special will have a boat load of various creators contributing.

Marvel turns back to a duo that was extremely popular back in the 80’s. Cloak and Dagger will have a new number one issue with Spider-Island Cloak and Dagger #1. Look for the popularity to resurge and spin into its own series eventually.  InvestComics called it with Alpha Flight, although a limited series, they too will be back in an ongoing. Look for a very affordable first appearance of C&D in Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (1982) for only $10 (Comics Price pricing). Spider-Island also delivers a one shot called Deadly Foes. It focuses on the villain Jackal. Jackal first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #129, and cost $1000! This issue also contains the first appearance of some guy with a big gun and a skull on his chest. Speaking of the big guy with the skull, coming out this week will be another new origin story in Punisher Max #16 as told by Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon.

A very cool independent book worth checking out this week, IDW’s Dungeons & Dragons Drizzt #1. It’s Drizzt’ first ever solo book, and should appeal to all D&D fans.  

Have a great week. Click on the thumbs below to check out the covers of the week.



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