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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for comic releases on 8-15-12

One comic you should definitely look out for on the new comic shelf this week is Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #1. An absolute “gimme” here as an InvestComics Hot Pick. Will this comic sell out quickly? Yes. See a second print? Yes. Does the main character look remarkably like a character that has been around for quite some time? Yes, but we will get past that when reading this book….right?

Marvel Comics makes a couple of promises this week (as they do often, but who’s paying attention?).  Amazing Spider-Man #691 is a MUST GET issue according to Marvel because it’s leading up to that number 700 issue. Marvel says that you will regret not buying this comic now because it’s going to mean so much later. Okay so you reeled us in, thanks Marvel! More Marvel Comics promises lie within the pages of Avengers #29. The promise here is to witness a “tie-in experience like you have never seen before!” What does this mean exactly?? Oh well, guess we’ll have to pick this up and see.

Marvel Comics are in pairs this week. Two promises, now two first appearances. Captain Marvel #2 introduces The Banshee Squadron while Daredevil #17 introduces the villain Coyote. You think Coyote is that old Epic character McFarlane drew? If you remember that, you’re showing your age. Wait a sec….

DC Comics Presents #12 introduces Kid Flash. The Kid’s first appearance is in Flash #110. DC’s Before Watchmen continues with Rorschach #1. And of course Rorschach’s first appearance is in the Watchmen #1. 

IDW goes back to the vaults and collects Dave Gibbons’ old Doctor Who comics in Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Treasury Edition #1. This is very neat for Dave Gibbons fans and Doctor Who enthusiasts alike. If you’d like to search for those original comic books from the legend, check out his first Doctor Who book from 1979’s Doctor Who Magazine #1.

IDW continues with their vault visits with Classic Popeye #1, collecting the original Popeye comics from 1948. It’s funny how IDW didn’t change a thing regarding the original number one cover to the reprinted edition, all but changing 2 things. But one fact that is not going to change is that the 1948 Popeye #1 is around $600.

Number one independent comics are aplenty this week. Homecoming #1 from Aspen Comics. A creation from the late Michael Turner. The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl from Antarctic Comics looks like a fun read. Dan The Unharmable #1 is from the awesome creative mind of award winning David Lampham. And finally from Arcana, check out Curse of the Cortes Stone #1.

A quick little going away note here…..

Bob Heske, screenwriter, author and of Heske Horror AND major contributor to InvestComics has a movie project in the works. It’s called Blessid. The IndieGogo project needs some funding and has some major talent attached to the project. Reader’s can find a fantastic interview right HERE with the Director Rob Fitz. Check out more information on this fabulous project with the full cast right HERE. Contribute as little as $10 to get this project off the ground!

That’s it for this week fans! Be sure to scroll through the InvestComics Covers of the week below! What covers do you think should have made the cut? Let’s hear it!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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2 thoughts on “InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-15-12

  1. Great article as always. I was wondering,though, if you could write a feature on which books are the best to get signed, and by who, or if it is even worth it at all. For example, last MegaCon I cracked down and bought a 7.5 issue of Amazing Spider-Man #252 for $60, only to pay $55 to get it signed by Stan Lee, and another $50 or so to have it shipped to and graded by CGC. So basically I was wondering if this was a good decision, and next year, should I decide to do it again, I was wondering what book makes the most sense to get signed. Anyway, thanks for having a great website!

    1. Thanks for checking us out Mike! Getting comics signed are done more out of a personal decision than anything else. Not saying not to do it, but some collectors do not deem this as a necessary tool to “value” their comics. Although, getting CGC to recognize a signature is always a fantastic thing! That said, the grade (and significance)has MUCH to do with the actual graded comic as does the signature for its value. I’d recommend that you try for a higher grade and get it slabbed and signed because with your $165 spent on a 7.5 grade, it might be a harder sell to make your money back as compared to a 9.8 grade/signed of that same book, in which the 9.8 will command a significantly larger sum of monies. Hope this helps. And always buy and do what YOU want to do Mike. What YOU want to do is ALWAYS right!

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