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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for comic releases on 8-29-12

It’s all about DC Comics this week. Seven number one issues to cover here! Now granted the majority of these are Annuals, but this is InvestComics, so we got you covered from yesteryear to present of course! Throughout history of comic collectables, “Annuals” never garnered the monetary value of other comics. The biggest reason for this is because most of the time the annuals were just “fill ins” or reprints of stories within the regular series put in the “Annual” with a new cover slapped on it. Some Annuals of years past and today do command ones attention, but the Annuals of today (DC especially) are incorporating major storylines within their pages. Let’s be clear here though, DC is not breaking ground with including their storylines within their Annuals, but they may have a first with releasing so many Annuals within the same week!

Superman Annual #1

Let’s start with the greatest superhero of all, (mostly voted by public court of opinion, so fight amongst yourselves)…..Superman! Superman Annual #1 comes in with a lot of fanfare. DC is pushing this comic as a must get comic. There are surprise cameos, a new Green Lantern, Aliens and 5 different artists on this comic. Not that highly unusual to have so many artists on one annual book, but what is unusual is the creative changes on this comic from the original solicit. This annual was originally written by Keith Giffen, but now is written by Scott Lobdell. DC also is pushing only one of the artists very hard on this book and that creator is Pascal Alixe, who incidentally did not appear on the original solicit. What’s going on DC? So on to more important things here, anyone know when the first Superman Annual appeared? Let’s see now, the original Superman #1 issue came out in 1939, so that would mean that the first Superman Annual came out 21 years later in 1960, correct? Yes. What exactly happened with the timeline here? Why 21 years for the first annual? The only guess is the oblivious one, DC didn’t think of “annuals” until then. The 1960 Superman Annual will cost a collector only about $1800. Not too shabby for the first Superman Annual. The saving grace for this annual that basically has no intros or first appearances is the artistry of legend Curt Swan! Oh yes and it also has a map of Krypton! Maybe that’s a first?!?

Green Lantern Annual #1

Next up; Green Lantern Annual #1. Much like all of the Annuals coming from DC this week, this particular annual feature’s a major plotline (conclusion) involving the Black Hand. DC says “Everything Changes Here. EVERYTHING!” Okay so you reeled us in DC, good job! Green Lantern’s first Annual came out in 1963. Two superb artists bring this annual to life; Alex Toth and Gil Kane. A very nice story in these pages finds Gil Kane teaching us how to draw Green Lantern. How cool is that?? And look at that beauty of a cover by Gil Kane too. Funny to look at the side by side comparisons of the 2 Green Lantern Annual covers isn’t it? Gil captures the essence of “fun” in comics, while the latest captures the doom and gloom that seems to have overtaken most of the comic covers these days. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Detective Annual #1

Detective Comics Annual #1 this week features the fight of all fights. No not Rob Liefeld and Scott Synder, but Batman vs. The Black Hand Mask. Great cover here, but an even nicer cover from the 1988 Detective Comics Annual #1 from the awesome Klaus Janson. The issue also features the writing talent of legend Denny O’Neil! A five dollar pick up for this one.

It looks like The Rouges will have their way with the Flash in Flash Annual #1, but according to DC’s solicit, something worse than The Rogues waits to attack the Flash! Yea for the reader! Bad for the Flash! 1963 was a very good year (sing that sentence in your best Frank Sinatra voice please) for DC annuals. The Flash Annual #1 debuted with art from “Mr.Flash himself” Carmine Infantino. This $800 comic brings origin stories along with Carmine Infantino. Not much else you need now is there?

Flash Annual #1
Justice League International Annual

Justice League International Annual #1 ties onto Justice League #12 this week. The first Justice League International Annual happened in 1988 with names like Joe Rubinstein (cover), Bill Willingham (Art) and with writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. Now that’s a lineup! With the tie in here though, the comic to pay more attention to is Justice League #12. They’re fighting a new villain and DC claims that the ending (last page) is so shocking it will have the comic community talking. Bring it!

The Outsiders #1 Looker #1

DC also has some regular number one issues coming out this week. National Comics Looker #1 brings Emily Briggs in her own solo comic. Check out the Looker’s first appearance in The Outsiders #1 from 1985. A new mini-series debuts from DC, Phantom Lady #1. Phantom Lady first appeared way back in Police Comics #1 in 1941. Her first appearance goes for a whopping $10,000! Well it also happens to be the first appearance of Plastic Man. He may have something to do with driving that price up! Phantom Lady doesn’t fly solo in this mini-series. Her partner in crime is Doll Man. His first appearance is in Feature Comics #27 from 1939. He’s not as worthy as Plastic Man, um we mean Phantom Lady’s first appearance. He gets only $4000 for his first.

Phantom Lady #1 Police Comics #1 Feature Comics #27

And finally but not least, check out Bongo Comics’ Lil Homer #1!

That’s it for this week. Be sure to scroll through the covers below. They made the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks Covers of the Week! Everything from Big Dog Ink to Amazing Spider-Man!

Until next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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