InvestComics Hot Picks – Comic Reprint Special

Reprint Special

These days even reprints of popular books are getting some love!  Here are the best to invest in… 

The Goon 1 (One for One)

Dark Horse used this to expose readers to some of their best work.  Tough to find in any grade it will certainly pay off down the road when the rest of the world starts hunting down rare Goon appearances.

Chew 1 (Image Firsts)

Similar in many ways to Dark Horse’s One for One, Image comics released a ton of reprints of popular titles for only a dollar.  The rarest are easily Orc Stain and the Walking Dead.  All it’s going to take is the Chew TV series to hit and this one will blow up too.  The good news is that these are out there and most stores continue to sell them for a dollar!

Mad Millennium Edition Error

Some of DC’s Millennium editions are great collectibles.  Reprints of titles include Justice League ofAmerica1, The Watchmen 1 and chrome variants of some famous DC issues. This comic reprints MAD issue 1 which is cool enough but in the error edition DC forgets to acknowledge E.C. comics and the men who made it all happen.

Marvel Milestones Iron Man 55

Publishers love to copy each other.  Marvel Milestones does exactly what DC’s Millennium Editions do.  Other than Secret Wars 8 this is the only one to track down for investment purposes.  Seeing as it’s quite hard to find Iron Man 55 this comic makes it possible to read the story and enjoy the first appearance of Thanos!  Oh and Drax first appears here which could bring some added value when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie comes out.

Mighty Marvel Must Haves

Starting in 2001 Marvel began reprinting key titles in editions that featured more than one issue. The best are 22 and 23 which feature reprints of X-23’s first two appearances.

Y The Last Man Double Feature 2002

It looks like a movie is in the works and seeing what other rare reprinting of first issues go for I expect the comic (which features issues 1, 2) to soar in value.

The Walking Dead (Image Firsts)

So this comic has seen gains to due to an explosive Walking Dead market.  Most know that the first print has three black borders; the second print has no black borders and sells for less.  It seems a third print exists and it’s rare.  It has three black borders but was printed in September of 2011 and had a different back cover than the others.  Its back cover features ads for the AMC show.

Here’s an updated list of current books that are generating big internet sales and general buzz in the industry.

1.    Dreamwalker 0 (Avatar:  first appearance of the Goon! )

Value: 175.00

2.    Avatar Illustrated 1 ( early Goon )

Value: 150.00

3.   Chew 1 ( first printing )

Value: 350/CGC 9.8 500-700

4.   Walking Dead 19 ( First Michonne )

See the last Broker Corner article!

5.   New X-men 128 ( first Fantomex )

Value: 50

6.   Batman Adventures 12 ( first Harley Quinn )

Value:  45.00-60.00

7.   The Walking Dead 27 ( first appearance The Governor )

Value: 125.00

8.   The Walking Dead 33 ( blue cover )

Value:  100.00

9.   X-O Manowar 68 ( last issue )

Value: 60.00

10. Uncanny X-Force 4 ( low print run )

Value: 30.00


-Topher Seal

3 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks – Comic Reprint Special

  1. The next 10…
    11. The Uncanny X-Force #4 15.00
    12. Thief of Thieves #1 ( Regular Cover, First Print ) 50.00
    13. Alpha Flight Vol. 2 #17 ( Early Big Hero Six ) 20.00
    14. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 #1 15.00
    15. Peter Panzerfaust #1 50.00
    16. Sunfire and Big Hero 6 #1 of 3 ( First Appearance of Big Hero Six ) 18.00
    17. Capes #1 ( Preview Walking Dead ) 40.00
    18. Captain America Vol. 5 #14 ( The Winter Soldier Finale! ) 60.00
    18. Thor #344 10.00
    19. Catwoman Vol. 3 #51 40.00
    20. Amazing Spider-man #654 2nd Print ( First Flash Venom! ) 15.00

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