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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 9-12-12.

Last week InvestComics promised a couple of big things to come. In case you missed it, InvestComics will be teaming up with a “Maxim” like magazine called Mancave Playbabes. The role InvestComics will play will be vital for the comic book entertainment section within the magazine and website. Check out the Press Release right HERE. Babes & Comic Books! Match made in heaven!

The second big release this past week was the Interview with Judge Dredd’s new movie Dredd 3D; movie composer Paul Leonard-Morgan. Awesomeness! Check out the Interview right HERE.

More stuff coming from InvestComics…..stay tuned!

Another week of dominance from DC Comics, their Zero issues push onward for another week and carry on for 2 more weeks thereafter. As said in last week’s Hot Picks, it seems a bit of overkill here and DC might be hurting themselves in a way more than helping. “Too much of a good thing is never good”, isn’t that the saying? Although the question really is, is DC making money on this campaign? Yes, and that’s what this is truly about, so good for them. This has been and always will be a business first.

In no particular order, let’s get a quick look at the blitzkrieg coming at us this week from DC Comics shall we?

Batman and Robin #1 checks in with the origin of Damian’s mommy, Talia al Ghul. Meanwhile Batman #0 will probably bore us with the origin of EVERYTHING Batman….his car, costume, cave and gadgets. How can this or will this be a good read? Well Mr. Scott Snyder, impress us…again. Annnnd speaking of Scott (ahem-ahem), Rob Liefeld dons two covers this week; one for Deathstroke #0, in which we learn more about Team 7 and about Slade Wilson and the other is Grifter #0. We learn the “dark powers” of Grifter in his zero issue. DC; knowing that no one really is to care about this zero issue; they threw in a whole bunch of first appearances in here. See, now you have to care. Go DC! Deathstroke however is one those characters destined for greatness one day. As mentioned within the archives of the InvestComics website, if and when WB/DC gets their stuff together, look for Slade to be a big part of their universe on film someday. Until then, be sure to grab your copy of The New Teen Titans #2 from 1980; the first appearance of Deathstroke by Wolman and Perez. Golden. Moving right along here, Batgirl #0 will probably be a good read because Simone is all over that one, as Superboy #0  has implications to be felt throughout the DCU…. (See Grifter #0). Green Lantern Corps #0 features the all new origin of Guy Gardner. Demon Knights #0 digs “deep in the past of The New 52”. (Smell a lame duck here?). Suicide Squad #0 has ties with Team 7 as Team 7 #0 promises to “change everything you know about the New 52.” Too many dramatic solicits, no? But we have two more weeks of this folks! Ravagers #0 will have a couple of characters “affecting the team”. Resurrection Man #0 becomes a causality as this is the last issue and Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.  #0 should meet the same fate, but first we learn who made him. The last of the zero issues, Legion Lost #0 will focus on the origin of Timber Wolf. Incidentally, if anyone is keeping score at home on Timber’s first appearances, here they are….Legion Lost #1 (2011 – post Flashpoint), Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #25 (2007 – Earth-Prime), Adventure Comics #327 (1964 – Earth 0), and Legion Worlds #6 (2001 – Earth-247).

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Marvel Comics will have their day in the sun with Marvel NOW!, but for “now” we trudge along with storylines that may not matter in a few months! Fantastic Four #610 brings in a dude called Wizard and he’s a lookin’ for his son Bentley 23. If the Wizard would just do a time travel thingy and travel back 40 issues to Fantastic Four #570 he’d first meet his son. Just saying….

Ultimate X-Men #16 features Nick Fury’s Howling Kittens……yes seriously.

X-O Manowar #5 reintroduces us to Ninjak. Ninjak first appeared in Valiant’s Bloodshot #6 (1993). Find this comic sitting in some 25 cent box at your local comic convention or local comic shop.

As always, scroll though the covers of the week below.

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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