InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-14-11 (DC Comics Relaunch Special Part 2)

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for the second part of our DC Relaunch Specials.

Last week DC owned the comic shops across the globe. This week, and the following weeks ahead will be no different. As we did last week, InvestComics will cover every number one issue including first appearances, number one issues, and the collector’s price for each. Once again, a special thanks to Comics Price for providing the pricing for the wonderful crop of comics this week. We’ll keep the trend in Part 2 here and go from High to Low…..

Two words, Green Lantern. Two more words, Geoff Johns. There is absolutely no denying what Geoff johns has done for this character. Green Lantern is a force within the DC Universe and so are these numbers coming up. Reach deep in those pockets friends.

Green Lantern #1 – We’re going to cover most of the Lanterns first appearances for you! The drop off from the very first Lantern to the second is quite alarming. Actually, the drop off between each of the Lantern’s is quite noticeable. The first ever Lantern came with Alan Scott bearing the ring in All American Comics #16 1940. This comic is 71 years old. 71 years of age for a human being is not old age in today’s society in some cases, considering the conditioning of some folks in this day in age, but for a comic book? That’s old! To own a piece of the oldest ring bearer out there, you’re looking at least $300,000. Looking to save a few bucks? Look for the fan favorite second Lantern Hal Jordan in Showcase #22 from 1959. Only 19 years later and coming in some 275 thousand cheaper! Yes that’s right, GL Hal cost $25,000. Guy Gardner first appearance is Green Lantern #59 1968. Gil Kane art in this issue for only $280. Next up we have the first appearance of the first African American Green Lantern John Stewart in GL #87 from 1971. As Guy Gardner’s first comic was penciled by a legend, John Stewart’s was also penciled by a legend, Neal Adams. Only $180 for this one. We’ll round out the list with Kyle Rayner. Kyle’s first appearance was in GL #48 (1994) for only $6.

Legion Lost #1 – Adventure Comics #247 (1958) has the first appearance of Legion for what seems like an expensive $14000.

Superboy #1 – The majority of society will probably know that Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1. Well what about the “boy”? As in Superboy? Wonder no more, InvestComics has it covered. The first Superboy appeared in 1945 in a comic called More Fun Comics #101. A comparison of the first Superman and Superboy comics would be ridiculous and besides, they aren’t even in the same Krypton galaxy as far as pricing goes. Pony up $12,000 and that’ll get you the 1st Superboy. Pony up $1.6 million….well you know what that’ll get ya.

Suicide Squad #1 – Get the Squads first in Brave and the Bold #25 (1959) for $750. Like Legions first, this too seems a bit on the heavy side.

Demon Knights #1 – Does this title belong in the Marvel Knights line? Get Demon’s  1st appearance in his self titled “Jack King Kirby” Demon #1 (1972) for $60. This comic should be on any collectors buy list. If it’s not in your collection, it should be.

Deathstroke #1 – Speaking of being on your “buy list”, The New Teen Titans #2 (1980) should be on there. This nugget happened to be at the very beginning of the decade that began the craziness of the collectors market. The good thing about this comic is that it missed the overprinting, 800 variant, 3D, glow in the dark covers era. It’s a scarce copy of a comic that features an extremely underrated DC Universe character. Why Deathstroke is not as big if not bigger than Marvel’s Deadpool is a huge mystery. Maybe this number one issue will breathe some life into this character that it so richly deserves. Maybe a movie DC? Hello? Chop chop……. At only $48, this comic is THE InvestComics DC Relaunch Special Hot Pick of the week!

Here’s the rest of the pack, at single digit prices.


Batman and Robin #1 – Deciding not to go with Batman and Robin’s first team up, we’ll save that for Tim’s first appearance, but for now we’ll look at Robin in THIS book; Damian. Damian’s first appearance (as a baby) is in 1987’s Batman Son of the Demon – one shot($6). Resurrection Man #1 – 1st appeared with his self titled book in 1997 with character Mitchell Shelly. Pick this up for $5. Batwoman #1 – Kate Kane dons the costume in the latest female bat book. Check out Kate Kane’s first appearance in 52 #9(2006). Then Kate wears that sexy outfit for the first time 2 issues later in 52 #11(2006). Both comics are $4 each. Mr. Terrific #1 – Mr. Terrific? Was this comic really necessary? Anyway, find The Spectre #54 (1997) and you’ll be the proud owner the first Michael Holt, a.k.a Mr. Terrific. Red Lanterns #1 – Atrocitus leads the way in the new Red Lantern book. Check out the first appearance of big A in Green Lantern 28 (2008) a la’ Geoff Johns.  Get this little gem for only $3.

And rounding out this week with a look in the $1 bin, Grifter #1 –  Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s Covert Action Teams #1 (1992) earns you a first appearance of Grifter. Then the final piece of this DC Relaunch madness is Frankenstein Agent of Shade #1. Wow Frankenstein? Really?? Maybe Mr. Terrific had something to do with this. Check out DC’s first Frankie in Detective Comics #195 (1948) for $1200. (Editor note:Frankenstein 1st appearance was a late correction)

That’s it for this week. We’ll see you next week with another round of InvestComics Comic Hot Picks DC Relaunch Special.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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