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First off, some InvestComics updates. Well not any updates right here and now, but there will be some very cool things coming down the pike for InvestComics fans. Tomorrow will be the release of some news regarding InvestComics expansion and also an interview that pertains to….well let’s just say “I am the law!” Is that clue enough for you? Then there is New York Comic Con in which InvestComics will be coming back with some cool things to offer up to fans, and then there is a startup website that InvestComics has very close ties with that will blow you away! We can’t wait to speak about that, but until the website officially launches we stay mum. So a few teases and some more teases. Keep your eyes peeled, things are happening here!

Now let’s get to the 13 number zero issues from DC Comics this week. Yes 13 number zero issues! This is a bit of overkill to say the least isn’t it? More does not always equate to bigger and better numbers or creative output. We wait and see. We hope to get proven wrong. Here is a simple rundown of the Zero issues headed your way this week in no particular order.

Let’s start with the flagship character; Superman. Action Comics #0 brings Grant Morrison onboard to write Clark Kent’s early days in Metropolis. Jeans and a smaller cape for Superman?? Superman’s counterpart Batman in Detective Comics #0 keeps his garb as we get reacquainted with one of his adversaries from long ago. We’ll see how the reintroduction goes for Bruce, should be interesting. Another new Lantern is introduced in Green Lantern #0. This one has a silly mask, cool suit and a pistol? Okay, hopefully there is a good explanation as to having a ring needs to be accompanied by a pistol.

Earth 2 #0 promises a tragic origin for Earth 2’s greatest villain. Yawn? Green Arrow #0 begins the journey of Oliver Queen becoming the Green Arrow. Too bad from the looks of the cover, Oliver looks like he’s ready for the paintball wars on ESPN or something. Sticking with the origin theme here obviously, World’s Finest #0 presents the origin of Robin and Supergirl on Earth 2. Yawn part 2? Swamp Thing #0 and Animal Man #0 have mystery and secrets surrounding those issues. Batwing #0 features a guest appearance from Mr. Bats himself; Batman. DC promises that big shakeups will occur and repercussions will reverberate throughout the New 52 from the new Phantom Stranger comic? Phantom Stranger #0 will play a major role within the DCU. Look for Introductions of major players throughout the pages, DC says. Is this a case of making a Golden Age character relevant for no apparent reason? Stormwatch #0 introduces a new villain, as we watch one of the first users of H Dial in Dial H #0 gets themselves into some deep stuff.  And the last of the zero issues we have G.I. Combat #0. With names attached like Jimmy Palmiotti, J.T. Krul, Justin Gray and Ariel Olivetti do you need more of a reason to but this comic? Seriously.

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With all of the DC intros and origins this week, it probably would be a nice change of pace to see what the other guys are doing this week too. Marvel Comics has some introductions as well this week! Not as much as their main competition, but a couple to keep you interested! Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #693 introduces the character known as Alpha and First X-Men #2 gives no name for its introduction character, but as Marvel says “it’s guaranteed to terrify!”

Getting back to Spidey for a minute, as many of you know by now, Todd McFarlane has been paying homage to many cover artists during his campaign on celebrating Spawn’s 20th anniversary. This week Todd pays homage to himself (Todd doesn’t do this too often….NOT) with the cover of Spawn #223. The original cover (in case you were born on planet Mars and hanging with curiosity) was from Amazing Spider-Man #316. Check out the side by side covers. Looks good!

Image Comics brings back Guarding the Globe as a new ongoing series. Guarding The Globe #1 will be with the creative team of Phil Hester and Todd Nauck. The first Guarding The Globe issue from 2010 has Robert Kirkman’s hands all over that one. The new series is in some great hands too!

Archie Comics imprint Red Circle makes the Hot Picks this week with New Crusaders Rise of the Heroes #1. This looks to be a flat out fun story and will probably fly under the radar, so look out for it.

That’s it for now. Be sure to check out all of the links provided above so that you can follow all of the cool things happening at InvestComics. See you tomorrow with some InvestComics news and that awesome interview!

Scroll through the covers of the week below……

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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