InvestComics February 2013 Newsletter

InvestComics February 2013 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Being a firm believer within the business mindset (for a website) that if one achieves at least one productive feat in a month, one will end up with 12 productive achievements for the year and this isn’t so bad. Sometimes aiming very high will hamper ones productivity, thus creating a dull month because of unachievable goals. Each month with InvestComics, I try to obtain things that are reachable/doable. Once in a while you reach for the stars and with a lot of work…..a Stan Lee interview may emerge. Some goals may be smaller than others, but they still are goals that are met and however small, they are achieved.

Reaching for the stars once again, emerging is the new logo that you are seeing in this newsletter. All I will say right now is a press release will be following soon. InvestComics will be taking on another medium and being excited is an understatement. Yes; a major goal achieved. Stay tuned for more….

In last month’s newsletter fans learned about a new InvestComics Podcast Breaking the 4th Wall with Shaun Cobble and Shaun Sorenson. Since that announcement, a few things have happened to the show. The first thing is that Kirstie Cobble and Jason Craycroft are becoming more of a mainstay, which is very awesome. The second thing is that InvestComics has lined up some upcoming guest. Comic writer/screenwriter Joe Harris, IDW Chief Chris Ryall, and DC’s Dan Jurgens. How’s that for a lineup of guest? Look for announcements on the InvestComics Facebook page for when they will be on and for future guest as well.

As spoken about in previous newsletters, the video show The Broker & The Artist that appeared on an Indiana public access station aired for 5 episodes. The television show has since gone dark, but the show must go on as they say! Erick Marquez and I will continue the show as an InvestComics Youtube show! Look for episodes of The Broker & The Artist to appear soon on the InvestComics Youtube channel.

InvestComics has some new sponsors on the website. Humanoids and Zap-Kapow! Humanoids is an amazing brand of novels that if you are a fan of reading great stories with all around high quality, this is for you. Visit their website right HERE. Zap-Kapow! is an itunes app that caters to the comic book collector. A price guide at your fingertips! This app is amazing, check it out right HERE.

Don’t forget about the other sponsors as well! Bags Unlimited (click HERE), ComicWow! (click HERE), and Mancave Playbabes (click HERE).

….And on the topic of Mancave Playbabes. The owner Sid will be heading out to California in a little bit to rub elbows with some major stars in Hollywood. He will be attending an Oscar’s after party. We are looking forward to some good media happening from this visit. Can’t wait for the pictures from this one!  Say hello to Angelina for us Sid!

A contest was held this month. A signed copy of the comic I wrote Vincent Price House of Horrors #1 was won by Steven Cordero. This contest took place on the InvestComics Facebook page, so be sure to LIKE that page to be in on the next cool contest. Congratulations again to Steven Cordero!

Another contest will be coming up on the InvestComics Youtube channel’s FFFIC show. Win an original signed FFFIC introduction from LEGEND Jim Steranko!!!

That’s it for this month. Thanks to all of the fans of InvestComics. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

CEO InvestComics

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