InvestComics – January Newsletter

InvestComics January Newsletter

Welcome InvestComics Army,

We hope the new year has been good to you so far. Here at InvestComics, the new year has been a busy one so far.

A few new video’s have been placed on the site as well as the InvestComics TV site AND the InvestComics YouTube page. Click on the following links below to check those out:

Unstoppable Comics – New York Comic Con 2012

RZG Comics – New York Comic Con 2012

215Ink– New York Comic Con 2012

MORE video’s coming from New York Comic Con 2012, so stay tuned!

The InvestComics television show is in fact airing in Indiana! The show is called “The Broker & The Artist.” These shows will start making their way onto the InvestComics YouTube channel soon, so look out for those!

Have you heard this news yet? InvestComics will finally join the podcast ring by the end on January. The podcast show will be hosted by InvestComics and is called “breaking Down the Fourth Wall with Shaun & Shaun” More news forthcoming!

InvestComics& Mancave Playbabes have some big plans coming up, but we’ll have to discuss those things later, but in the meantime you can stay up to date on some of the news with us on the InvestComics Facebook page. Click right HEREto LIKE our Facebook page.

Finally, be sure to join all of the social media that InvestComics is a part of. There is always constant updates to some capacity on each one.When you go to the front page of InvestComics, click on the small icons on the left hand side of the page and Follow us!

That’s it for now fans. See you soon!

Thank you and invest wisely,

Jay Katz

InvestComics- CEO


Pictured below:

1- Mancave Playbabes meeting with (L-R), Keith (Photography), Sid (CEO – MancavePlaybabes), Jay (InvestComics CEO; Comic Division/Marketing), Jesse (Body Painting/Props/…more).

2 – A still of the television show running in Indiana; The Broker & The Artist.



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