InvestComics Hot Pick: Single Issue – Jackpot #4

Welcome to the very first “InvestComics Hot Pick: Single Issue” article. This quick Hot Pick article will focus on “A” comic book that needs your immediate attention because of breaking news or a possible explosion in the aftermarket……..or whatever else that may warrant a quick Hot Pick article!  

InvestComics reported on Archie Comics coming to life on the big screen for the very first time after 72 years of stories! This news is a true milestone for the Archie Comics house. Congrats! Click right HERE for that press release; “Archie Comics Movie Announced.”  

Jackpot #4 – This book is one to keep a serious eye on as it is seriously undervalued in our opinion at this time. First off, this rare book features Archie Andrews first cover appearance. This book was released the same month as Archie’s appearance in Pep Comics #22 (listed as the first appearance, but INSIDE the comic, NOT the cover). It is also the first appearance of Ms. Grundy. The CGC Census only notes 20 copies of Jackpot #4 certified. Both comics released in the same month with one that has the first Archie cover. Jackpot #4 is a very solid buy right now.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

Jackpot #4 Pep Comics #22


2 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Pick: Single Issue – Jackpot #4

  1. The problem with books like this is they always sell for 500% OF guide in any condition already. And I dare you to even find a copy for sale in any condition. If ebay doesnt have any its not likely anyone else does either!
    Amazing book and pick but I dont think anyone here is going to be able to buy one ! Any Archie related issues pre-1946 always sell for multiples as along with Batman and Superman issues from the WW2 era they are the fastest constant climbers every year in Overstreet.

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