InvestComics Hot Pick Single: Buy Apocalypse First Appearance Now

X-Factor #5 & X-Factor #6 – First Appearance of Apocalypse

X-Factor #5X-Factor #6With the recent tweet from director Bryan Singer, it’s safe to assume that the next X-Men installment will feature the goliath villain named Apocalypse. So let’s see, we have rumors of Darkseid and Doomsday, and then we have Thanos making his mark in the Avengers movie. Do you see a pattern here? The bigger they are…..

The first appearance of Apocalypse falls into the silly “cameo and first full appearance” category. Why the cameo appearance of a character is always worth less than the FULL appearance is still a large mystery. It’s technically the absolute FIRST time we ever see the character right?? So THAT should be the book to get, but no. The cameo always plays the bridesmaid. Very strange……but this is really a conversation for another day.

The collectors market is exploding at the seams right now for the first appearance of Apocalypse. A recent Ebay CGC graded 9.8 X-Factor #6 (First Full Appearance) sold for $499 and an X-Factor #5 (Cameo Appearance) 9.8 graded sold for $99. An ungraded #6 has fetched upwards to $60 and an ungraded #5 has seen prices as high as $35.

So what to do now? The wise choice is to wait it out a bit. Wait for the market to cool off from the Bryan Singer tweet. The demand is in a reactionary state right now. The movie is not slated until 2016. So find a dealer or local convention that will give you a fair deal and buy these books.

If you’d like to max out your dollar on these comics when it’s time to sell, here’s how to do that:

Get your books graded and signed (CGC Signature Series). It’s imperative that you score a high grade or you’ll be breaking even or maybe you’ll make a “few bucks” instead of pulling in a large sum for your investment. InvestComics will help you out with the names of the creators below to snag at a local convention. Be sure to have a CGC Signature Series witness with you. Get all of these names on one book, grade a 9.8 or higher and you will have scored a huge payday the closer 2016 comes with the X-Men: Apocalypse movie.

X-Factor #5: Bob Layton, Jackson Guice, Joe Rubinstein, and Ron Frenz.

X-Factor #6: Louise Simonson, Jackson Guice, Bob McLeod, Ron Frenz, and Joe Rubinstein.

Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz

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  1. I would put Revenge of the Living Monolith on this list along with X-Factor 24, Uncanny X-Men 221, X-Men Alpha Gold and its second print and X-Men Poster Magazine 4 which I believe is the first appearance of the AOA Blink

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