InvestComics Hot Pick Spotlight – Star Wars Dark Droids #1

Star Wars Dark Droids #1. Release date 8/2/23.
Writer Charles Soule has become the equivalent of creators like Frank Miller (Daredevil, Batman, etc), Walt Simonson (Thor), Chris Claremont (X-Men), Jim Starlin (Marvel Cosmic Universe), Todd McFarlane (Spider-Man), Greg Pak (Planet Hulk universe), etc. as it pertains to changing the overall characterization of an entity or their universe in which they preside. The aforementioned creators had such an impact on the characters they worked on, it’s forever stayed with them. It’s become part of their lure. Charles Soule has entered this realm with his Star Wars stories. He’s added so much to the SW universe. A pure gift for Star Wars fans and comic book fans as well.
Charles will deliver a major crossover event beginning this Wednesday with Star Wars Dark Droids #1. A five-part mini-series that’ll bounce into other Star Wars comics. He’ll fully introduce a character named Scourge within these pages too. 

Here is what we wrote about Wednesday’s new release; Star Wars Dark Droids #1 in this week’s Hot NEW Comics Arriving On Wednesday 8-2-23.
Star Wars Dark Droids #1 – An epic Star Wars event series begins here. This five-issue series will crossover with other Star Wars comics. Marvel says the Scourge will make its debut in this issue. Although Scourge may have “first” appeared as a vision from Darth Vader in Revelations #1, this would count officially as the first appearance. You still may want to get your hands on the Revelations #1 book though, just in case anything takes off here. Writer Charles Soule continues to add to the foundation of the entire Star Wars lure. Kudos to Charles as he truly etches his name among the true pioneers to keep Star Wars moving forward with new, exciting, interesting stories. Luke Ross will be our visual man for this series. This will be a big Star Wars series, keep an eye on it.
UPDATE: There is already a second print on its way on 8/16.







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