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Death Of The Venomverse #1 – As we say quite often on this site, most of, if not all of the new VenomVerse, GwenVerse, SpiderVerse, ANY “Verse” comic at this point, including many of the latest random Venom, Spidey, and Gwen comics, and anyone else within the Spider-Man universe comics is introducing new characters at an alarming rate. One of these characters will hit again like Spider-Boy or whatever his name is. The bounce uptick on that book was absurd. More absurd is the sudden downswing, but that happens all the time within the modern market of comics. These new characters are gassed up by so many sellers, then when they are finished selling at the premium, the spec price plummets. No substance as to why the comic commanded so much money in the first place, just a bull run for absolutely zero reason other than, it’s a cool(?) looking Spider character. We have a real idea as to why that comic should be a book purchased in a minute, but regular visitors to this site already know what we’ve just touched upon regarding the modern comic market, we’ve been saying it for many years. That all said, we could be heading toward the second part of the Spider-Boy spec market. This time with the introduction of “Venom Boy” or “Kid Venom”. Not sure what name they will go with, but it’s coming. The market is calling for this new Venom character to make his first appearance in the follow-up issue in Death Of The Venomverse #2. Here’s the thing, who’s to say he’s not on the last page here? Maybe previewed, a glimpse, who knows? One thing is almost certain, a new Venom-like creature will probably make its first appearance here anyway. You should get on this comic this Wednesday and definitely click that link to the second issue if Venom Child is to truly make their first appearance there. And here is our prediction as to what this is all leading up to. This is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Super Sons. In a big way. Marvel will eventually have the Spider-Boy vs. Venom-Boy comics all over the dang place. A possible next-generation thing. The constant battle between these two. That is what we are leading to. Will it lead to bigger things? Media coverage? Animated? A new universe having the two kids front and center? If that were to happen, having that first appearance Spider-Boy (Spider-Man #7) comic command the money it is, makes more sense. It’s hard to imagine anyone thinking along our lines as a reason to drive the price up.
Magneto #1 – In this first issue, readers are introduced to a new character named Irae. Writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Todd Nauck start things off. 
What If Dark Venom #1 – Many Marvel characters have succumbed to the Venom symbiote, but one character that has managed to avoid its wrath is the Thing from Fantastic Four. That changes this Wednesday as we are introduced to a new Venom.  
Star Wars Dark Droids #1 – An epic Star Wars event series begins here. This five-issue series will crossover with other Star Wars comics. Marvel says the Scourge will make its debut in this issue. Although Scourge may have “first” appeared as a vision from Darth Vader in Revelations #1, this would count officially as the first appearance. You still may want to get your hands on the Revelations #1 book though, just in case anything takes off here. Writer Charles Soule continues to add to the foundation of the entire Star Wars lure. Kudos to Charles as he truly etches his name among the true pioneers to keep Star Wars moving forward with new, exciting, interesting stories. Luke Ross will be our visual man for this series. This will be a big Star Wars series, keep an eye on it. UPDATE: There is already a second print on its way on 8/16.   
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 – A tie-in to the Hellfire Gala, this issue focuses on the next moves from the villain known as Hallows’ Eve. She’s been making a lot of noise since being introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #14 (2022). 














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