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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 10-31-12.

Looks like the first video (of many) from InvestComics New York Comic Con 2012 visit leaked out around the midnight mark last night. The video features a fun take on the “I Love New York” slogan. Just basically having fun here folks, nothing serious. And oh yes, of course it was made with the fanboy in mindJ. So check out the video below to see some hot cosplay girls having fun with the slogan I presented to them. “I Love New York….Comic Con!” There are more video’s coming, so hang on!


More news on the Mancave Playbabes front! The hit magazine (that features an exclusive InvestComics article every month!) will be holding a bikini contest in Fort Lauderdale that runs for a few weeks. I have the misfortune of actually recording some of the events, poor me! J There are some amazing prizes for the first, second and third place winners. Check out all the details on the Mancave Playbabes website right HERE. Come on down and have fun! Meet the newest Mancave Playbabes!

Let’s get to the Hot Picks for the upcoming week shall we?


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Remember He-Man? If you do, then you’re within the same age range that I am and enjoyed countless hours within your lifetime saying “I Have the Power!” If you don’t, well you’ll get to know him. Recently the push for He-Man has begun and this week will bring the origin comic of He-Man’s arch nemesis named Skeletor in Masters of the Universe the Origin of Skeletor (2012 DC) #1. If you remember the cartoon, you’ll recall that Skeletor was a bad ass and it was more like a Darth Vader feeling with the character. Every kid wanted to be him at times, then you realize, well this guy is always losing… you went back to being He-Man. He-Man first appeared (along with Skeletor) within the comic book realm back in 1982’s DC Comics Presents #47. However, there is a FREE comic book that Mattel put out that predates the mainstream appearance. That comic came out in 1981. Then you have some predate Mickey Mouse (yes THAT Mickey Mouse) comics that claim to have the first appearance of Skeletor before 1981. Granted, probably not the Skeletor that He-Man has issues with, but worth a mention.

Sticking with issues…..Superman will be having issues with Kryptonite Man in Action Comics (2011) Annual #1. Before this villain was a man he was a kid in Superboy #83 (1960). So this issue would be Kryptonite Man’s birth place.

Captain Marvel (2012 7th Series) #6 brings the original Captain Marvel into the mix. This floundering series needs help and will bringing the original character help it? Who knows, but one does understand that once the Marvel Cosmic Universe gets going in the theaters that Marvel’s Cosmic Superman will be part of it (hopefully). InvestComics did call the Guardians of The Galaxy movie many many years ago as well as the structuring of the Cosmic Universe on the big screen. See you know things here way before they happen! Cool! So with that, expect to see in the not so distant future Marvel show DC (Warner Brothers) a lesson on how THEY perceive a flying superhero with a cape. Should be interesting………and also, the first Captain Marvel is in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1967).

A + X (2012 Marvel Now) #1 has a Hulk story from one of the premiere Hulk artist to come along in some time. Dale Keown. Dale’s vision of the Hulk is clearly distinguishable from any other great Hulk artist. Check out his first work on the Hulk back in 1990 in the Incredible Hulk #367. This issue was written by Peter David with cover art from Walt Simonson. This comic is a keeper.

There is obviously no disputing that Joe Kubert was one of the greatest comic book artists to ever grace the medium. This week DC releases Joe Kubert Presents (2012 DC) #1 and within the pages it will display just why this man was a legend. One of Joe Kubert’s first professional works came in Catman Comics #8, a true collector’s item and a true American Icon.

Bedlam (2012 Image) #1 is the lone number one issue this week that should be checked out!

Check it too…..scroll through the Hot Covers of the week below!

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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