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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 11-14-12.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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Marvel NOW! kicking into high gear with four number one issues coming your way this week. By comparison we are going to throw the original number one issue together with the new directional Marvel NOW! campaign. Just how long will the latest reboot, relaunch, reset or whatever you want to call it last this time around? We’ll see…..

We start off with a personal favorite of InvestComics’ that has graced this website numerous times. Thor #126 (1966) matches up with the new Thor God of Thunder (2012) #1 comic. Journey into Mystery with Thor #125 dropped the Journey title and became just Thor with issue number 126, so essentially Thor #126 makes for the number one issue. This comic has everything a collector could possibly want. The pencils and cover are by Jack Kirby and it’s written by Stan Lee. And reiterating it’s the true number one issue of Thor. A graded copy 9.8 sold for $13,000 and it will continue to hold its value. There is absolutely no downside here.

Uncanny X-Men #1 (1963) has climbed steadily throughout its collector career, so much so that it topped a whopping $500,000 for a graded 9.6. Investing in any key X-Men issue is almost certain to pay dividends down the line. The number one issue was done by the same tandem of Kirby and Lee. Look for this issue to continue its steady rise with a top very soon. The 9.6 just may be that, the top….for now. Look for the All New X-men (2012) #1 coming your way this week with the original team. Ah… everything old is new again.

 Although the weaker of the bunch this week goes to Fantastic Four #1 (1961), the price of a graded 9.4 says otherwise. How about a cool $300,000? Not too shabby for a subpar movie run and countless storyline changes. But that is just the problem of why this comic comes in as the weakest of the 3 Golden Age number one comics mentioned this week. By no means though is this comic NOT a buyable comic. It’s the mere fact that it seems the Fantastic Four cannot find its place anymore. Constant roster changes, costume changes, Status quo, death of Human Torch and so forth does not bode well for the investor. Yes other comics have done this too, but they continue to stay within the mainstream with movies, cartoons, etc.  Want a big positive on this book? Once again, Kirby and Lee are the main fixtures here! So when you check out the new Fantastic Four (2012 4th Series) #1 remember that Marvel’s first family have gone through some stuff and to cut them a break. This series might be the one that finally puts them back to some relevant standing within the Marvel Universe and the collectors market (Bronze Age).

The final comic of the new Marvel NOW! line X-Men Legacy (2012 2nd Series) #1has everything in common with the Thor #126 as discussed earlier, but fails in comparison at the same time.  X-Men Legacy began with X-Men Legacy #208 from the previously titled X-Men #207. The comparisons seize there because one can buy X-Men Legacy #208 in a 50 cent bin at your local comic shop. With a David Finch cover and John Romita Jr. pencils, it does make for an attractive book. Happy hunting!

While Marvel does their thing, DC Comics is on the second leg of their tour. The big storyline with DC is the Death of the Family. With some of the storyline spilling over into other books, it’s a usual sign that ONE of these comics will be short printed and thus sought after, thus creating a price hike. Will Suicide Squad (2011 4th Series) #14 this week be THAT book? Who knows? Be sure to stay on top of your crossover books not to miss anything.

DC Comics entire New 52 line will hinge on one comic and this week you will be able to know the secret history of the New 52 just like that! That’s right, Team 7 (2012 DC) #2 will tell readers exactly where, how and maybe why the New 52 got started. Seems like a big deal right? Wouldn’t really know that because of how low key this issue is. Maybe we’ll get an aftereffect on this one. Be sure to be there at the epicenter when this hits though. Don’t worry, you won’t be hurt. If anything maybe you’ll get a real good story here that won’t mean jack in another year.

Invincible fans rejoice. Invincible (2003) #97 will deliver the origin of Zandale Randolph. This will lead up to the much anticipated 100th issue.

Big Dog Ink continues to crank out some of the industry’s best comics to date. This week will be no exception with Joan of Arc From the Ashes (2012 Big Dog Ink) #1.

And finally, in recent days new Iron Man 3 action figures were coming out and a certain character may have made the cut. Rescue. Know her? She’s Potter Potts all dressed up in some hot Iron Man armor. All anatomically correct too! Is that really necessary though? Just asking. Anyway, if the Rescue action figure is an indication that we may see her in the movie, it’s a safe bet to pick up the Iron Man (2009) #10 issue which is Rescues first appearance. This comic could probably be found in that same bin as the X-Men Legacy #208. And while we’re at it here, since the new Iron Man 3 movie is based on the Iron Man #1 comic from 2005 (Extremis storyline), don’t forget to try and get your paws on that one. It ranges from $8 – $15 on Ebay right now.

That’s it for this week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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