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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 11-7-12.

Now that DC’s Universe is in full flux with all of the number one and number zero issues out of the way, we come to another relaunch of sorts. Marvel NOW! is starting to makes its way into our little comic book collecting world. It’s become an absurdity at this point with the revamping of the heroes and villains to the point it’s very laughable. Change is necessary within everyday life. Change is good. That said, too much constant change within the “entertainment” genre is not always a good thing……


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This week Marvel Now! goes with two restarts in Iron Man (2012 5th Series) #1 and Deadpool (2012 3rd Series) #1. Yes it’s Marvel Comics turn at the money grab. Here’s a bold prediction. Iron Man will go back to the original numbering when it matters… sell books! Well maybe not such a bold prediction, but we all do know that’s going to happen. As for Deadpool, well he was at one point the most over used Marvel Universe character right next to Wolverine. What? We have poor sales in Moon Knight? Throw Wolverine in there! Punisher sales down a little? Throw Deadpool in there! So if you are reading this right now it means one of two things. A: You are a comic fan and you just like to see what’s what or B: You are a comic book collector, which brings us to the first appearances of Wade and Tony. Wade’s first appearance came during a time of epic comic book collecting in the sense that many thought by buying multiple copies of certain comics you were going to retire at the age of 35. Not the case. Actually, STILL isn’t the case. But having fun talking about this stuff in today’s climate will never stop. The days of buying an abundance of number one issues or special foil/3D/gatefold/etc comics are long gone. As said in many articles on InvestComics before, there is a wiser/savvy investor within the collectors market these days. If you were a product of this era in the early 90’s then you probably, most likely have about 10 copies of Deadpool’s first appearance in New Mutants #98 (1991). If you do not already own this comic, then you probably should. And incidentally, X-Men (2010 2nd Series) #38 this week has Domino appearing in those pages which also happens to first appear in New Mutants #98….so when all is said and done (whenever or whatever that means), Deadpool will be left standing with his rightful place in the comic book world. Whether you like him or not, Deadpool will be around for quite some time. In contrast, Iron Man was one of those characters always finding and needling his way throughout the Marvel Universe. Never really a “top tier” guy like Spidey or Hulk. He has however found his niche, much to do with the films than anything else. The Iron Man comics still seem to be trying to find their way, so much so that just as the Avengers film came out they tried changing Iron Man’s armor altogether. That lasted a hot minute, then back to the regular suit, now another relaunch. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well that’s the climate of the comics today, deal. Iron Man’s first appearance came in the pages of Tales of Suspense #39 (1963). If you do not own THIS comic, well the ship has sailed for you and you’ll be paying a pretty hefty fee if you want it, although still a good long term investment here. In comparison, Deadpool would be a LONG LONG term investment. Both books nice to have in your collection, but Tony is the prize here.

Speaking of nice books to have in your collection, how about what Avenging Spider-Man (2011) #14 is offering up? Within the pages of Avenging Spidey we have Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy! Cool! Bringing the fun back in comic books! So what’s to own here you ask? How about the first appearance of Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy? I know, you’re saying “huh?” Yes, that’s right. Just buy the Devil Dinosaur #1 (1978) comic and open up to the first page. Writer, Penciler and Editor; Jack “King” Kirby! The legend himself put his stamp all over this comic (series) and you should have this in your collection. Nuff said.

The sleeper of the week has to go to Shadowman (2012 4th Series) #1. Valiant Comics are making their comeback and Shadowman looks to propel itself right into the mix of things. Look for Shadowman’s alter ego first appearance as a cameo (Jack Boniface) in X-O Manowar #4 (1992) and as Shadowman in Shadowman #1 (1992). Two comics to own before the series takes off as a huge success.

In what seems to be one of the most disturbing comic book covers of all time, Colder (2012 Dark Horse) #1 will be a sellout due to the cover alone as curiosity will get the best of most fans. Grab it before you miss out. Other number one issues to check out this week are Freelancers (2012 Boom) #1 and 47 Ronin (2012) #1.

That’s it for this week, invest wisely.

More New York Comic Con 2012 Videos coming soon…..

Jay Katz

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