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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 12-12-12.

After a few days of some heavy work, the InvestComics website is up and running again. How does everyone like the changes? One new addition that everyone should know about is the Newsletter section on the front page. Be sure to sign up to get the latest news and happenings on InvestComics. Maybe some contest too!

As DC puts things together, well we should say as the Joker puts things together in his final masterful plan in Batman (2011 2nd Series) #15 Marvel is putting together their Marvel NOW! Universe plans.


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Iron Man (2012 5th Series) #4 features, yet again, just like last issue the debut of a new armor. A bit of overkill right out of the gate here don’t you think? It’s one thing to introduce new villains or heroes, but a new design in back to back issues? Speaking of new happenings, it looks as though Fantastic Four (2012 4th Series) #2 will be doing just that, so keep an eye out on this issue. Fun times will ensue in the brand new number one issue of Avengers Arena (2012) #1. In this unique book we get a mix of Hunger Games/UFC/Survivor all rolled up into one. The basic premise is to stick a bunch of third rate characters into one book and let them fight to the death in a survivor type setting. Fun! Two mentions in the solicit of who will be appearing; besides looking at the cover are the Runaways and Darkhawk. If you’re curious to find the birth of this character and team before their ultimate demise(?) you can look for both in their self titled books. Darkhawk #1 from 1991 and the Runaways #1 from 2003. The winner here goes to the Runaways number one issue simply because A: you won’t find it in the 25 cent box at your local comic shop and B: it’s written by stellar writer Brian K Vaughan. Not that Danny Fingeroth of Darkhawk is by ANY means less of a writer, but it’s a weaker character that hasn’t really caught on throughout its tenure. The Runaways have more staying power. One character we can all agree on that HAD, HAD staying power, but was abused by the Marvel powers that be WAS Cable. A collector back in the 90’s thought they won Willy’s Golden ticket if they possessed a New Mutants #87. This comic was as Hot as Hot can get at one time. Then the bottom fell out in the 90’s, then the so called collector realized that the New Mutants #87 they owned wasn’t as rare or being sought after as they thought. This coupled with the over usage of the character has killed any momentum it ever had. One thing actually three things will save this character from falling into the proverbial abyss. One; get a good storyline around this character and make him relevant again (do not overexpose him!). Two; an appearance on the big screen with a bad ass edge to him will do wonders. As staying power goes, all the same applies here for the X-Force team as said about Cable. Yes the new Cable and X-Force (2012) #1 will be an instant sellout as the second prints will come quickly, but the sustainability will be one to keep an eye on with this series.

A story that seems to be picking up a lot of steam heading towards its milestone 700th issue is the Amazing Spider-Man series. This week with the release of Amazing Spider-Man (1998 2nd Series) #699.1 we get a glimpse at the new Morbius the Living Vampire regular series coming out next month. Really? A Morbius regular ongoing? Cashing in on the Twilight craze a bit maybe? Who knows, it’ll probably be a decent comic that’ll last a year or so. Look for Amazing Spider-Man #101 (1971) for the first appearance of our favorite demented Vampire. Starting bid is around $380. The point one issue sports a nice cover from Stefano Caselli, as the Amazing #101 issue sports a classic cover from Gil Kane.

A few number one issues to definitely check out this week are Hollows (2012 IDW) #1, Change (2012 Image) #1 and James O’ Barr’s return to the Crow in Crow Skinning The Wolves (2012 IDW) #1 without a doubt needs to be on your checklist. Crow’s first appearance is in Caliber Press Presents #1 (1989). A graded CGC 9.6 can be in tour hands for about $60. Not bad at all.

That’s it for this week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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5 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks #247

  1. Cable’s first appearance is New Mutants #87. It is Deadpool who’s first appearance is New Mutants #98. Cable does have a pre-Cable appearance as a baby in Uncanny X-Men #201 and he does have a cameo in New Mutants #86.

  2. Adam, good catch. Had Deadpool on the brain! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. You’re on top of it!

  3. This is a great post, but if I had my choice of making an investment I would go with the original first appearance of Morbius in Amazing Spider-Man #101. It’s a great bronze age comic investment, and is more rare at higher grades. A low near mint is around $385.00. As for New Mutants #98, the first appearance of Deadpool, that issue is still in demand and demand will increase once Fox finally gets The Deadpool movie out of production hell. One good thing is that Fox has started talking about project again.

  4. TCM, Althogh I agree that the Bronze Age Spidey 101 is an upside book, Gil Kane is more of the reason to be carrying that book these days. While Morb is a cool character, he will never be Deadpool status. Deadpool will always be a sought afterr character. Although extremely over used in the last 10 years though. This has made the value decrease some, but like you said, a good movie will help things right along again! Good post TCM.

  5. Deadpool is Def the modern Wolverine. I saw a Deadpool Sweatshirt front rack at Hot Topic the other day. What does that tell you about his popularity amongst the masses. I passed on that but bought the mask they were selling. You are right Jay, the market is saturated with Deadpool comics but it’s cool that there are a lot of issues in which he made early appearances that hold value like;
    Silver Sable 23,30-Heroes for hire 10,11, Nomad 4,15-issues of Secret Defenders, Gambit, Wolverine & Contest of champions 2. Then there are other rarities like the Deadpolica Encyclopedia or the flashback Deadpool minus 1 issue.
    I just hope Hit Monkey is the next Deadpool.

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