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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 4-17-13

VillainsInvestComics Media on Blip has finally been completed to its full capacity. There are still some minor tweaks to take care of, but it’s looking as if the transition from InvestComics on Youtube to Blip will start happening now. All videos will now be spotlighted via Blip from InvestComics Media instead of Youtube. If you’re not sure what Blip is, simply put it’s essentially Youtube, but better. That’s it. Visit the new InvestComics Media page on Blip right HERE or click on the red letter ‘B’ logo above. The move is being made for a better platform for our fans.

The InvestComics Publications Facebook page will feature some new artwork from its first release ever ‘The Dawning.’ A couple of pages from penciler and creator David Whalen will be up soon, so be sure to keep an eye on that. Join the InvestComics Publication Facebook page right HERE to keep up to speed.

A new contest is on the horizon. It involves the comic image to the right of this text. Villains United #1 signed by Gail Simone will be won by a lucky fan. The InvestComics interview will go up and fans will have to do one thing to be eligible to win. Share the InvestComics Facebook page. That’s it! Watch out for the video interview this week.


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The InvestComics Hot Picks involve ten number one issues and a zero issue. Wow right? That’s a whole lotta loving for number one issues in one week. And the crazy part is that it doesn’t have New 52 or Marvel NOW! attached to it. Only a single issue from the big 2 involves the number one fiesta this week. Any cartoon fan of the 80’s will understand this next reference. Do you recall holding up some sort of sword or something that resembled one in the air with both hands held high in the air and uttering the words “I have the power!” Yes, welcome to the birth of a dork. If you are unaware of the reference here, I’m talking about He-Man. Every young boy from the 80’s thought they were He-Man when they uttered those words. This week though, we finally do have the power. With the releases of My Little Pony and Adventure Time doing so well these days, it’s no wonder why DC may jump back into the fray here. (That plus they probably don’t want to lose the licensing on the character, but shhh.). So how much success will He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2013 DC) #1 have this week in the aftermarket? Not much by the standards of past performance, but one never knows in this volatile market. Maybe the He-Man frenzy starts up again this week! Maybe not! But to ensure we all have our eggs in place, we should have the first appearances in order. He-Man first appeared in a minicomic giveaway from Mattel; Masters of the Universe in 1981. Not to be confused with anything pertaining to Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson on the final day this Sunday. She-Ra; which makes here fantastic comeback in the debut ongoing series here first appeared 3 years later in another giveaway. This one named He-Man and She-Ra: Secret of the Sword #1 (1984). So YOU have the power now! You have your debuts and you have the option to pick up the new series.

Very interesting number one issues hit the shelf this week and really should not be passed up at all. Star Wars Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin (2013) #1 from Dark Horse. In this new storyline involving the Star Wars franchise, the story is of an assassination team being formed to take out Darth Vader. The first eight fail and die (of course, it’s Darth Vader!) the man responsible for the hiring of the dead eight seeks the ninth assassin. This has awesome written all over it. Do not miss this issue, if the story lives up to the plot it’s going to fly off the new release shelf. Buy this.

The second interesting numero uno to definitely check out this week is Jirni (2013 Aspen) #1. The writer on this one is bad ass J.T. Krul. Jirni looks to have her assets in order on the covers, but It’s J.T. Krul’s job to make it a point it’s not all about that. Granted, if this were the 90’s Jirni would probably be a hot book for a 6 months and then see an end rather quick, but this is the day and age where you better have substance to justify the means or you’ll fail much quicker. It’s not about the assets anymore. J.T. Krul is a bad ass, he’ll probably bring it and Jirni will be well on her way, assets and all.

Here are some other number one issues not to pass up this week. Bodie Troll (2013) #1, Miniature Jesus (2013 Image) #1, House of Gold and Bones (2013 Dark Horse) #1, Victorian Secret Agents (2013 Antarctic Press) #1, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series (2013) #1, Danger Girl Trinity (2013 IDW) #1, Dark Shadows Year One (2013 Dynamite) #1, and one number zero issue Witchblade Day of the Outlaw (2013) #0.

Marvel Comics is at it again with their hyperbole. In Age of Ultron (2013 Marvel) #6, Wolverine is said to make one of the most ‘controversial decisions’ in Marvel History. Okay so that’s 74 years’ worth of Marvel Comics and THIS is going to happen? Hmmm……

Ultimate Wolverine (2013) #3 presents readers with the mother of Wolverine’s son. Ready for this? Project: Mothervine. No really, I didn’t make that up.

Valiant’s Harbinger Wars will start up in their Bloodshot title. Be sure to pick up Bloodshot (2012 3rd Series) #10.

And finally to round out this week we have some loving going on with the X-Men again. The cover to the new Astonishing X-Men (2004- 3rd Series) #61 has Wolverine about to lock lips once again. There have been a slew of these romantic X-Men covers for many years and InvestComics Hot Picks on 10-3-12 covered this. Check out the X-Men Romantic covers article right HERE.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to sign up to the InvestComics Newsletter below. You’ll become cooler instantly. True story.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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6 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks #265

  1. “…Wolverine is said to make one of the most ‘controversial decisions’ in Marvel History.”

    Hmm..stop sleeping with team members?

    I’m a little surprised Danger Girl is still be published. It was a fun book when it first came out but I had to drop it because you never knew if or when the next issue would be released.

    Ultimate Wolverine hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been waiting for this story since Ultimate X dropped the ball.

  2. Awesome. I’m looking forward to He-man and Jirni. My LCBS has a (store exclusive) variant. I secured it. It’s awesome, but…

    it raises some questions…

    Does anyone have any guidance or websites for following upcoming variants from ALL publishers? I’m sick and tired of ordering a #0 or #1 issue, only to discover that there is an existing incentive/ghost/comic book store variant that I missed.

    An example of this would be East of West #1. Yes, I have #1 and the rare Ghost Variant. But there is also a UK Forbidden Planet Variant. I missed it. Sorry, but I was never thinking of an exclusive UK edition that had to be pre-ordered overseas.

    Another example is the upcoming “Regular Show” #1. I subscribed to it. Great. But there is also a ghost variant I had no idea about. LCBS says its too late to get. Ouch again.

    Peter Panzerfaust #11. I subscribed to that too. Great. But there is a Peter Panzerfaust #11 variant. LCBS says it’s too late to get. Ouch again!

    So,…if anyone has any advice on how to monitor upcoming variants…please share. I would also be really helpful to include variant/incentives in your weekly forecasts if possible. As always, Great job! Thanks!

    1. Hi ComicLord. You make some very valid points regarding the variants. The weekly InvestComics Hot Picks tries to cover variants every so often, but just as you stated, it is very hard to keep up with many of them. There isn’t a place that I know of that covers what you are talking about. It’s a good thing to cover, but I’m thinking it might be a huge task or very hard to get ALL of the variants that are available for each book. It would be a monumental task to do so I think.

      You are more than welcome to come by here to drop a line or two or three about the variants you think are worth getting! We love variants!

      Thanks for checking out the Hot Picks each week ComicLord!

  3. Jay,

    Thanks for the tips. I managed to pick up last week’s (The walking Dead Variant #109).

    I also picked up both covers of Jirni, which sold out quick at $1 each. I was surprised that buzz reached this book because Aspen titles tend to be available at my store. The book and art is fantastic though.

    I picked up He-man and the Masters of the Universe #1, but noticed that DC Entertainment had already released a He-Man series. I see issue #2 in the back issues, so I was REALLY confused. I then noticed that image comics also has it’s own He-Man series…so I put that book back. LOL.

    Miniature Jesus #1 seems hot. The oversize print is a lot like Mondo (same writer), so it caught my eye. One thing is noted though…it seems this print is flawed. All the copies I picked up had a tear in the back spine corner from various stores. Needless to say, this comic is hard to find in true N/M condition due to its size. This is an observation that may pose a problem if this book becomes hot. My 2 cents. Not sure if I’m going to buy this unless I can find a true N/M.

    Star Wars 4th print (snagged that), along with Star Wars the 9 Assassins. That book seems to be hot too as this is the last mini series from Dark Horse. Thanks for the speculation on that. In general, Star Wars with its Movie announcement today of “a new movie every summer starting 2015″…and with Star Wars going back to Marvel…Dark Horse publications maybe the collectors item to get now. I don’t know, but I’m speculating.

    I do have a question though. Are Midtown and Forbidden Planet exclusive variants considered hot items? Here’s a tidbit I found: Forbidden planet is making their (Uber variants – signed by the author at a fairly low price. They’re also doing this with the upcoming “Bounce #1”. Needless to say, I jumped on the bandwagon, but wasn’t sure if it’s considered a valuable item as I’m basing this on my own speculation. Please advise.

    Anyways, I hope this helps others and your articles are always the best. Keep up the good work!

  4. I was able to scoop up bodie troll online (3 copies). I had to order on eBay because the 2 copies at the comic bookstore were dented in corner. Got one copy of Jirni. Art does look pretty good. Five Ghost 2 and 1 second print. Second print has a new cover. 6th Gun #3 just because it was the last one and the store just opened. Good sign. I was gong to pick up miniature but the sizing kinda threw me. Those are hit n miss. Mondo 1 is hot only because of he Panzerfaust preview. I didn’t get Star Wars 1 4th but I did scoop Darth V assassins. The only ultimate titles that have any after market value is the ultimate spiderman vol 3. Can’t get myself to buy any other ultimate title.

    Im on the fence about investing in Superman unchained only because I know it’s gonna be overprinted and over ordered. DC comics investment tip is to buy issue 1, issue 4 or the collected storyline. Just look at detective, Nightwing, batman, justice league, Suicide Squad. I think unchained will resell well as an overall set but my feeling is that there will be too many issue 1’s.

    Awesome website. Keep it coming.

  5. MileHighComics prints a lot of variant covers and they seem to be hot initially as they sell out. But dont these specialty variant covers sell out mostly to speculators which therefore floods the market soon afterward. So I have not yet bought any. Peter Panzerfaust #10 variant released at convention last week selling for $120 on ebay.

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