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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 5-1-13

(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and entertainment purposes. Please use your own discretion when investing.)

InvestComics Hot Picks this week include seven number one issues to look out for this week. But before we get to that, be sure to check out the new revamped InvestComics Media site with loads of new videos that are not appearing on the InvestComics website, but are appearing exclusively on Blip TV. Check out the InvestComics Blip TV station by clicking right HERE.

Don’t forget about the contest going on regarding the Villains United #1 signed by Gail Simone. It can be yours if you share the video link on Facebook and let us know that you’ve done so! You’ll immediately become eligible. Simple as that! Here I’ll make it even easier for you, click right HERE to get to the Gail Simone interview video and also check out the actual signed book you could win! Share and you could win! MORE contests upcoming….stay tuned.

Shaun Cobble of the Breaking the 4th Wall podcast which appears on the InvestComics website has started his own column on the IC website called Start Me Up! This awesome weekly article will feature picks from Kickstarter projects that are deemed necessary (by our standards) to have your attention. No project too big or too small for this column. Shaun Cobble does a tremendous job of bringing this article to life with detail and links so that the fan can contribute (or maybe not) to the Kickstarter project pick for that week. If you have a Kickstarter that you want featured or know of one that needs attention, email us at Who knows, maybe YOUR project will be featured next!

The InvestComics Publications Facebook page debuted some artwork from the forthcoming release of its first ever comic release ‘The Dawning #1’. Artist David Whalen is the artist/inker of these pages. Check out the InvestComics Publications Facebook page by clicking right HERE.

InvestComics HOT PICKS

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With a slightly heavy number one issue week, there are a few that call for one’s attention. If you sleep on them, they will sellout and you’ll be left pondering what if? Well maybe not that dramatic, but you will be saying something like ‘why didn’t I listen to InvestComics?!’ One comic that heeds your calling is called Movement (2013 DC) #1. Here’s the scoop on this comic. This book includes the government, revolt, greed, corruptness and super-humans. Yes it’s going to be a super ride indeed. The kicker here as to why it will be a story like no other is quite simple. Gail Simone is writing it. This alone is enough to not only make it an interesting read, but a probable sellout will occur. Get your copies early.

The second comic to look for this Wednesday has to be Ten Grand (2013 Image) #1. Much like the aforementioned, this comic has creative star power as well. Writer J. Michael Straczynski along with artist Ben Templesmith bring us a story of love and death, literally. This book will indeed sellout folks, do not miss it. If you procrastinate you will be waiting a few weeks for a second print to read while you pay a Marvel Super Special #32possible premium in the aftermarket for the first print. Don’t say InvestComics didn’t give you a heads up on this one.

There is an amazing thing happening this Wednesday according to Ape Entertainment. It actually took 44 years to happen. Sesame Street will be a comic book for the first time ever! Hard to fathom isn’t it? While to claim to be a “first” does hold water, it really isn’t the first time the gang has appeared in a comic book related atmosphere. Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and a host of others first appeared in Marvel Comics’ Marvel Super Special #32 (1984). It was a magazine, not a comic, but printed by a comic company. So technically they appeared in a mag first, it was in fact reprinted in early 1985 in comic book form though. There is a fabulous reason why a collector should have this in their stash too. Ready? Legend Jim Starlin was the writer on this comic. Yes, THAT Jim Starlin. So does Ape Entertainment have a true claim here of a first? Well yes and no. It’s the first Sesame Street titled comic book ever, but the characters have appeared in the pages of Marvel already individually. Kudos to Ape Entertainment for getting the first Sesame title out though!

Black Bat (2013 Dynamite) #1 is based on the 1930’s hero. The story from back in the 1930’s says that Batman and Black Bat were so similar that lawsuits started flying, but quickly settled down, thus creating a happy world for both characters to co-exist. I wonder who came out ahead. Anyways, check out the new take on the Black Bat this week. Who knows maybe we’ll get a Tim Burton Black Bat movie one day.

Previously mentioned in a recent InvestComics Hot Picks, Mister X was a big deal back in the early 80’s. The number one issue called for a nice premium in the aftermarket. These days are a bit different though for Mister X in the back issue bins. However, with the efforts put forth in today’s climate of trying to get that next movie deal, one never knows when a new beginning may if ever hit it big again. So with that said, check out Mister X Eviction (2013 Dark Horse) #1 this week and make your own call on whether THIS is the time again for Mister X. His first appearance came from Vortex comics in Mister X #1 (1984).

Some other comics to be on your watch list this week are Suicide Risk (2013 Boom) #1, Victories (2013 Dark Horse) 2nd Series #1, Shadowman (2012 4th Series) #0, and Cyborg 009 Chapter 000 (2013 Archaia) #0. Note: Cyborg 009 first appeared in Cyborg 009 Vol. 1 (2003).

With the Iron Man 3 movie coming out next week, what better time than now to tell a NEW secret origin of Tony Stark with Iron Man (2012 5th Series) #9. A bit strange how Marvel works sometimes. Sticking to topic here, Thanos Rising (2013) #2 continues the awesomeness of Thanos’ origin. (Iron Man #55, buy it, still not too late! InvestComics had this comic as a buy in its very first issue of the InvestComics magazine more than 6 years ago and continued for years telling investors to buy this comic. Hope you listened.). Age of Ultron (2013 Marvel) #7 continues on the path of creating a new Marvel Universe, but the cover strikes similarities to Secret Wars #1 doesn’t it? Well so many covers do these days, but just sharing a thought about the cover. Scroll through the Hot Picks covers and see a side by side.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to sign up to the InvestComics Newsletter. You’ll become instantly cooler. True story.

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz



[scrollGallery id=250]

13 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks #267

  1. Thanks for the forecast as always. I actually was looking forward to the Black Bat months ago due to the similarities of Batman. One can’t help but think that “The Bat” got the short end of the stick. The two are so similar that any Batman fan should check it out. With that said, dynamite never fails to amaze me with its many different covers of issue #1. :-/. I started going toward its subscription covers to help make my decisions for investment purposes (have no idea if it at all matters).

    Regarding the movement #1, definitely looks good. I notice there is an incentive cover for this as well – a bit pricey though. I may have to pass coming from C2E2 con (totally cost me some money). Busy times indeed. They are really hyping Uber and I have a feeling…(that this may be propositioned for a film). I’ve never seen so much on an Avatar title, so this is indeed interesting. Hopefully we won’t get burned on this.

    Ten Grand’s story is very appealing. I’m definitely geared up on the various covers and looking forward to its release. Thanks Jay. Awesome job!

  2. Hey CL! Thanks for checking in! I agree show Black Bat some love 🙂
    Movement #1 will be good I think. Good that you went to C2E2! How was it? Do good there? What was your best pick up? Uber is a funny thing. How long will the interest last? Maybe a film deal (or rumblings) will help sustain the aftermarket on this one.
    Ten Grand is a sleeper I think. A must pick up.

    And thanks CL!

  3. Jay,

    C2E2 was a mad house. I had some good finds: Peter Panzerfaust Convention Special Edition #10 signed by both Weibe & Jenkins, Peter Panzerfaust #10 RRP C2E2 Exclusive LTD 500 signed by both Weibe & Jenkins, Uber #0 Enhanced C2E2 100, and Uber #1 Retailer Bonus C2E2 B/W LTD 850. I got some really good deals, but as you can imagine…still very expensive.

    I’m really paying close attention to Peter Panzerfaust because of the whole BBC TV show and Uber is just going nuts. However, speculation may cool off following issue #1, and issue #11. We will see! Speculation at it’s best! I try, and I hope, but if anything from the 90s…I learned my lesson and have been burned before…many many many times!

    With that said, these seemed to be the hot items at the show. There were others, but that’s all I got.

    Moreover, I recently met Drew Moss of IDW Colonized #1 and got a sketch and some covers signed and I’m planning to meet J.T. Krul later next month for some signings.

    The next big event for me is the con in Baltimore. Let me know if invesment comics is going and I’ll go out my way to get signings from you guys too! Thanks for all the speculations. It’s fun. Any thoughts on the direction of Peter Panzerfaust and the new “Rats” series?

  4. Even though on the surface Black Bat seems like a Batman rip-off, I am willing to check out. The main reason is Brain Buccellato is writing. I liked his creator-owned comic, Foster (which I wish we could see more of but bills come first).

    I don’t know what is going to break first: Dynamite or my wallet. With all the new series coming out (The Owl is next?), it gets harder & harder to stay in my budget.

    Ten Grand will probably be a sleeper like you mentioned. The story doesn’t look interesting to me, but I usually pick up issue #1 as another chance to turn me around.

  5. @CL, happy to hear you had an awesome time! Nice pick ups too! Peter Panzerfaust will hit its top very soon CL. @Dennis, if you give Ten Grand a whirl, let me know what you think.

    1. It took me awhile to get around to reading “10 Grand.” Very good! I don’t know what I was reading to make me think the series wouldn’t interest me. The story is in the same vein as Hellblazer, but the guy is not so much of a bastich.

  6. Hey everyone,

    This would be a perfect time to advise of any potential comics that stand out as “investments” for the upcoming free-comic-book-day. Any help would GREATLY be appreciated.

    I know this may sound weird and all since the books are for free, but my point is – search EBAY for The Six Gun #1 FCBD edition. This book that was once free is now selling for $70.00+. There are others that have a good sale run in the after market as well.

    So…Does the community have any forecasts for any particular books to collect? Yikes!


  7. Sounds good. I like the ONI recommendation. I’m going with

    ONI Strangers…
    The Walking Dead
    The Red Ten
    Kellerman L Amour

    Fun. Maybe in 2 years, I’ll have something like the sixth gun banking :-D.

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