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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 5-22-13

(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and entertainment purposes. Please use your own discretion when investing.)

In this month’s InvestComics Newsletter, released last week, every subscriber got to see the very first InvestComics Publications cover to The Dawning #1. If you missed it, here it is in its full glory…..


So do you like it? We love it! David Whalen (artist/writer) on the book has outdone himself, a spectacular way to introduce the world to the first published work under the IC Publications banner. If you want to get exclusive news like this and more to come, be sure to sign up to the newsletter and not miss anything! The signup is either at the end of this article or on the front page of the website.

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InvestComics HOT PICKS

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This week in the InvestComics Hot Picks we have a combination of 9 number one issues/zero issues. But before we get to that, a comic book run like no other is coming to close to much of the dismay of many fanboys. Geoff Johns will end his run on Green Lantern this week with a double sized issue. Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #20 will be the issue that every fan will be talking about this coming Wednesday. The only thing we ponder is, why the hefty $7.99 price tag? Ouch. Granted a double sized, but throw a bone here will ya? Anyway, DC played it smart here because they will in fact get their $7.99 being that it’s the climatic final issue of Geoff’s run so kudos to them! (We’re in business here kids, don’t kid yourselves). So with the ending so near, InvestComics went searching for a beginning…..Geoff Johns first Green Lantern work. Well, you’d have to go all the way back to a backup story in 1999’s Green Lantern Secret Files #2. The backup story is called “Lost Pages: Haunting.” He wrote the backup that featured only one Lantern; Hal Jordan. So there you have it, the first and the last. The man single handedly responsible for the “Rebirth” of a character that was in the doldrums since the creative team of Neal Adams/Dennis O’Neil. He was also responsible  for the launching of a Green Lantern movie. So, want to cash in on this? Buy the final issue, couple that with the GL Secret Files #2 and bam! You’re welcome.

With the hit television series Arrow bringing its season finale to the table, It’s only fitting that Arrow (2012 DC) #7 this week brings one of his main adversary’s front and center. The origin of Deathstroke will be revealed. A cult favorite, Deathstroke is a breakout character that seems poised for the big screen someday. When this happens, probably not an IF here, but when it does, be sure to have your paws on The New Teen Titans #2 (1980). Already a collector’s book, this will continue to rise as the years pass us by. It will explode once he makes his appearance on the big screen. The New Teen Titans #2 comic appeared more than 8 years ago in the InvestComics magazine as a solid buy. This still hold true for today.

Ultimate Wolverine (2013) #4 will introduce a new villain, as Wolverine & Cap fight a villain “unlike anything we’ve seen.” In A Plus X (2012 Marvel Now) #8. Journey into Mystery (2011 3rd Series) #652 will bring back Beta Ray Bill!

Two sleeper issues coming at us this Wednesday. Deep Sea (2013 Dark Horse) #0 from the creative team of Jimmy Palimiotti and Justin Gray and Green Team (2013 DC) #1. Green Team looks like a very interesting read, definitely need to check that out.

Mike Mignola’s creation; Buster Oakley will star in Lobster Johnson Satan Smells A Rat (2013 Dark Horse) #0. Buster’s first appearance was in Hellboy: Box Full of Evil #1 (1999). Our friend Tom Mumme along with Blue Juice publishing bring Accelerators (2013 Blue Juice) #1 this Wednesday. Must check that out.

Rounding out the week (in no particular order) of MUST looks/reads/have’s; Solid State Tank Girl (2013 Titan) #1, Bounce (2013 Image) #1, DMC Devil May Cry Vergil Chronicles (2013 Titan) #1, Sex (2013 Image) #3, Half Past Danger (2013 IDW) #1, Jirni (2013 Aspen) #2, Akaneiro (2013 Dark Horse) #1, and Werewolves Hunger (2013 Zenescope) #1.

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See you soon,

Jay Katz


InvestComics HOT COVERS

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11 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks #270

  1. Excellent. Thanks again Mr. Katz! I’m content with Bounce #1. It’s been a tough and exciting several months. I’ve gotten just about every run on every hot comic series based on IC and speculation. However, I admit, I haven’t sold anything.

    The part that’s difficult is buying “multiples” of certain hot books for the intent of selling. The question is, what do you think these books will be worth 10-20 years from now? Will these modern books be a worthy penny? We’ve learned a lot about the 90s. Back then, I went through a similar collecting phase, but didn’t collect in continuity terms, because I didn’t own a car back then. But the point is…I returned back to comics recently when I went through my 90s “collection” and learned that none of my books were worth anything. In fact, most of my books were worth well below the initial retail value. I was disappointed and heated.

    I realize the supply and demand, and publication quantity is much different now, compared to then, but my worst fear is the 90s repeating itself again. I currently have Peter panzerfaust, walking dead, Saga, East of West, etc. All these hot books. I just don’t want to do ebay right now….is that okay? LOL. Oh dear…

    1. I don’t like selling my hot books ether, I’d hate to sell something for $15 soon after its release date and find its worth a few hundred in a few years. Like the walking dead 1. I bet people who sold that soon after its release date are regretting it.
      I also agree Bounce #1 seems like a good pick this week,

  2. There are several things to address here with the comments above. First and foremost, InvestComics is titled “Entertainment Guide” under its logo for the reason that no one should ever be misled thinking that they will retire and or send their children to college by following any sort of investment advice on this website. Second, there is a disclaimer at the start of each week informing collectors and fans that same thing mentioned in the aforementioned.
    While working on Wall Street for 14 years, I can tell you all from personal experience that there are in fact UP’s and DOWN’s. It’s the volatility of any speculative market that you encounter in any facet. That said, some comics that are recommended will see some very large gains, some will see no movement at all. Some may see minimal gain. It is up to the speculator to determine when he/she is ready to take profits or to, in some causes take a loss (see Sixth Gun). Which brings me to THE most IMPORTANT lesson of ALL, if you are a true speculator YOU CANNOT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR COMICS. You are either a fanboy or a business man. Nothing wrong with being a fanboy at all, but an investor KNOWS that they have to sell when it’s time to sell. NEVER sit on a book if your gut is telling you to take profits. Sell it, simple as that. Any profit that YOU; the speculator deems is a good one, is a time to get out (sell). GREED will make you broke and sitting on a ton of comics that are worth cover price. NEVER fall in love with your product. If you think you will fall in love, then buy a second copy and love that one. A comic you bought for $2.99 is going for $15 or $25 in the aftermarket and you wouldn’t dump it? Bite the bullet sometimes and take chances. THAT’S what the speculative market is all about. There are many back issues in the Bronze age that need to be on the HOLD side, but be patient.

    I bought 2 of the same variants for $10 each a few months ago. I got them graded (CGC) and certified signatures from a CGC witness. I spent money to have them graded/signature series, and they are gorgeous. I will hold onto them until NEXT YEAR when the market commands more money for them. Do I like them? Yes I do. Will I part with them when the time comes at a large premium, yes I will. It’s business.

  3. ….And of course love YOU guys (and gals) for coming by each week and everyday to check out InvestComics! You’re awesome!

  4. Jay Katz…that was one of the best posts and advice I’ve read. Thank you sir, and yes; you made some very good points. I guess I will be flipping (what I can) – soon and ease up on some of my purchases. A lot of people fall into this by design. Fortunately, I caught it early.

    I wish there was a monthly update on the site featuring when to sell modern comics. That would be a great guide too.

    Keep it up! We guys and gals are fans of your work with disclaimers and all. It’s fun.

  5. Thank you CL. Glad you are having FUN, because that’s what it all goes back to. As far as the updates, Terry’s new articles that are coming in on “Comic Market & Stats” are keeping collectors up to speed on alot of numbers. Be sure to check out his articles! Thanks again CL!

  6. Thanks Jay, its true that if you get greedy and wait for a book to go up even more you can get stuck. I made some great money on Nowhere Men 1-3 but then I kept restocking at higher prices and then eventually I cant make any money at all. If you hold books too long like Sixth Gun you really can lose. We can’t predict the future. Some books like Walking Dead are an amazing stroke of luck that they just keep selling out issue after issue for years. But honestly I cant think of ANY other modern comic that has done that and stayed strong permanently. I recommend you find a retailer/store that will give you a great discount off cover price so if you pick a book that lands up NOT going up in value at all at least you are safe to get your money back. Don’t over speculate either and buy 100 copies of one comic – as they say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

  7. Interesting question for Jay – I personally dont follow 80’s/90’s books much that you usually report on – how active do you find that market on ebay etc compared to similar brand new release hot titles – thanks

    1. The market is decent Terry. There are a lot of key issues on there, but the current market explodes at times, especially with the announcements of movies or television series.

  8. My picks for this week are:
    BOUNCE #1 (IMAGE) 5/22
    KISS SOLO #3 (IDW) 5/22
    NOWHERE MEN #5 (IMAGE) 5/22
    SEX #3 (IMAGE) 5/22
    THE GREEN TEAM #1 (DC) 5/22

  9. Wanted to add that May 22nd week with the shipment of Nowhere Men #5 and Bounce #1 from Image were both ordered by retailers and speculators and these are by my personal opinion the last of the OVERORDERED/OVER-SPECULATED comics. We’ll see if retailers pulled back their orders in June and then we might see some surprises for the summer.

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