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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used as the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 9/10/14

20174542017523There are no big sell outs this week to speak about, but a few books to check out nonetheless.
We’re going to keep this short and sweet this week because InvestComics is at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend. Lots of cool photos coming out of there and right onto the InvestComics social media outlets. Be sure to Like and join all of them to get full coverage. Some pictures from the show to follow after the quick speculation picks below.

Amazing Spider-Man (2014 3rd Series) #6 showcases the inner secrets of an InvestComics’ favorite “Silk”. We like her and so should you.
The Spider-Verse will be an interesting run for Spider-Man fans. Check out Edge of Spider-Verse (2014 Marvel) #1 for a dose of Spider-Verse. If you want to find ANY of the first appearances regarding any of the Spider-Verse saga characters, look no further than the InvestComics Spider-Verse checklist right HERE.

1982018795Seeing the awesome Joe Michael Linsner at the Baltimore Comic Con prompted me to point out the release of Dawn Vampirella (2014 Dynamite) #1 this week. Mr. Linsner has been at this for quite sometime and he’s a straight up bad as*. His character Dawn first appeared in Cry For Dawn #1 (1989). Fantastic book to have in your keeper stack.

And two other number one comics to check out on the new shelf this Wednesday;
Copperhead (2014) #1 and Annihilator (2014 Legendary) #1.

That’s it for now. Invest wisely.

Check out some awesome photos taken by “The Doctor” of InvestComics Rafael “Doc” Rosario at the Baltimore Comic Con! Share them and tag #investcomics and #bcc2014.

More photos coming throughout Sunday.

Carpe Diem.
Jay Katz


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  1. Whoa Whoa Whoa Guy in with the infinity Gauntlet Picture, That is totally My Gauntlet. At least have the decency to Thank me for the pic lol

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