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Since I first started writing for investcomics I have made it my personal mission to inform readers about the viability of collecting early Deadpool appearances.  While some of these issues have finally crept onto the collective radars of flippers and enthusiasts alike, I think it’s time for a list of my favorites all in one place:

 New Mutants 98 Newsstand & Mark Jeweler

Though massively over printed this first appearance is one of the most valuable Marvel first appearances of the Modern Era.  Now I have a few copies but as far as I’m concerned the newsstand and issues with the Mark Jeweler inserts are the one’s to hunt for!


Titans 155

The first appearance of Deadpool is reprinted here and an Ultron cover doesn’t hurt.


Silver Sable 23,30

An early Deadpool cover and an issue that many didn’t realize had a Deadpool appearance are high on my list.  Issue 23 is a tough find in high grade too.

65302_20061003092341_large 65307_20061003093202_large

The New Warriors 53

And this is probably the only reason to ever buy an issue of this series…


Nomad 4,15

As far as I am concerned issue 4 is the best Nomad cover to date.  Unfortunately issue 15 might be the worst.

2193240-04 2193263-15

Masacre 1

This is only the second of two foreign issues on this list thanks to the title ” Masacre!”


The Avengers 366


 Wizard Comic Magazine 22 & Cerebro’s Guide to the X-Men

Deadpool appears in multiple issues of Wizard but the cover to 22 and this Marvel material are my favorites.


The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Maser Edition 25

I hardly ever see this one and Deadpool actually makes the cover!


Marvel Year in Review 1993

As far as badass covers go you don’t get much better than this one!


Secret Defenders 15,16,17

48180_20060707045823_large 48181_20060707045853_large 48184_20060707045920_large

Heroes for Hire 10,11

45832_20060619125451_large 45833_20060619125457_large

Wolverine 88

Top 5 Deadpool cover for sure.


X-Men Premium Edition ( Toys R Us )


Marvel Age 135

OK  no one collects Marvel Age but there are a few gems mixed in with the drek.  This is one.


X-Force Megazine 1

NM 98 reprinted here!


Marvel Spotlight: Deadpool 2009


Invincible Iron Man 23

Deadpool appears in this random Iron Man issue with a sweet pink cover!


J2 11


X-Men Anniversary Magazine 1


Heroes Reborn: Remnants 1


Gambit 17,18

25350_20060120211903_large 25365_20060120215741_large

X-men Millennial Visions 2002


Prism Comics: Your Guide to Comics 2007

This one is unconfirmed but it looks like Deadpool is a featured character.


X-Men Unlimited 28


 White Tiger 5

Here is one that flies under the radar.  Deadpool has had many odd appearance is off-beat titles.  I have not listed them all either!








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