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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 9/2/15


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The very first episode of Sal’s Minute Of Mediocrity has arrived! The best one minute (or so) comic book review show on the planet. As each episode is released, Sal will lasso you in like Wonder Woman and make you tell the truth! What does that have to do with the video you ask? Absolutely nothing, but he will rope you in to watch because he’s awesome and it’s only a minute (or so) of your time! Check out the first episode below!


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….With all of the female lead characters coming from Marvel (and many other publishers too) these days, they are going with a third rate character this time in Mockingbird S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1. Mockingbird is not a new character by any stretch, her first appearance was 35 years ago and up until a week ago that first appearance lay in some one dollar long box. So with the recent announcement of Mockingbird getting her own spin-off television series, it will only peak the interest of her first appearance in Marvel Team-Up #95 (1980). Steven Grant writes and a Bob McLeod/Frank Miller cover help to make this a nice collectors item even when it was in the one dollar long box. Incidentally, InvestComics did mention to take a peak at Marvel Team-Up #95 back in 2009.

A sure to be sold out comic hits Wednesday; Deadpool vs. Thanos #1. There are some very funny variant covers accompanying this release. Marvel’s Figment series fared very well last time out, so Marvel will go back to the well with Figment 2 #1. A new character debuts in Dark Tower Drawing Of The Three Lady Of Shadows #1. And with the new Dark Tower movie(?) announced, this could be something to keep an eye out on.

Void Of Heroes 1 InvestComics
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Mockingbird Shield 1 InvestComics
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Marvel Team up 95 InvestComics
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Bat-Mite 4 InvestComics
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Watch out for Silver Surfer #14 this week as Norrin Radd might be creating some new universes and or characters. He’s wielding some serious cosmic powers this days. Writer Dan Slott is bringing it.

A new villain named Gridlock makes an appearance in Bat-Mite #4.

Our friends at Cosmic Times have turned up a hot comic release this coming Wednesday. Must check out Void Of Heroes #1. Not only a fantastic dark sci-fi futuristic story, but it’s actually based on the mobile game from Tunnel Ground Inc. So you better get on this comic because it’s sold out at the distributor already.

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Silver Surfer 14 InvestComics
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Aliens Vampirella 1 InvestComics
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Deadpool vs Thanos 1 InvestComics
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An interesting comic coming out from Space Goat Productions; Rocket Queen And The Wrench #1. Looks like a good first issue read here. Dynamite Entertainment joins two of the most unlikely franchises in recent memory, check out Aliens Vampirella #1. The Black and White variant is sold out. Not much to go on regarding the new Image series Plutona #1, so pick it up and take a look-see. And check out Boom Studios’ Toil and Trouble #1. A version of Shakespeare you have never read before.

Rocket Queen And The Wrench 1 InvestComics
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Toil and Trouble 1 InvestComics
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Plutona 1 InvestComics
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Figment 2 1 InvestComics
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