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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 11/18/15


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Another theme week; Warner Bros/Looney Tunes variant covers from DC Comics. Action Comics #46 (Neil Edwards cover), Harley Quinn #22 (Amanda Conner cover), and New Suicide Squad #14 (Bill Sienkiewicz cover). A great non-theme cover; Harley Quinn cover on the new Batman Arkham Knight Genesis #4.

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Action Comics 46
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Harley Quinn 22
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New Suicide Squad 14
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Batman Arkham Knight Genesis 4
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Superstar artist Jim Lee is back on a Batman book. Batman Europa #1 will be a four part mini-series featuring top talent in the industry. Written by Matteo Casali and Brian Azzarello. This four part series will be a great read as well as getting your eye candy. What more can a comic fan ask for here? Batman vs Joker by premiere creators, Azzarello, Lee, and more? Yes this is a no-brainer.

Let’s not forget what Jim Lee brought to the table back in 2002/2003 with his iconic Batman run starting with Batman #608 and also creating one of the most iconic Batman/Superman comic covers of all time; Batman #612. He did previous Batman books before those though. And if you’re a Jim Lee fan, you must check out the extensive InvestComics Jim Lee Creator Spotlight checklist right HERE. You’ll find some great Jim Lee books there.

Bizarro #6 will introduce a new villain; Queen Tut. Martian Manhunter #6 features a new female martian character.

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Batman Europa 1
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Click To Buy/Bid
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A new DC/Vertigo title to check out; Red Thorn #1.

The speculator will have to be on alert this Wednesday for the new Image comic Huck #1. With Mark Millar writing, it is not inconceivable to think that a movie studio will come knocking and before you know it, Huck is announced as a possible movie project. This happens quite often in the Millar camp. The artwork will be done by superstar Rafael Albuquerque. A very simple story here about a man (Huck) with superpowers (assuming) does something nice everyday, but his neighbors keep his good deeds hush-hush, until one day…..! The Image solicit is pushing this comic as something fans have never seen before and will love it. (*knock knock knock) Get the door, we think Universal Studios is knocking.

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Although Marvel’s Black Knight character has had several first appearance as different alias, Dane Whitman would be the one with the most credits. First appearing in Avengers #47 (1967), Black Knight will appear this Wednesday in his own series Black Knight #1 starring as……you guessed it, Dane Whitman. The new series will be written by Frank Tieri. Here’s something to ponder. Marvel (Disney) has yet to even tease anything regarding the “knights” genre. Not even remotely, nothing, zilch, nada. If EVER, Dane Whitman will be tapped as the lead character. He’s been a main staple with the Marvel Universe a long time and he’s been in a ton of Avengers books. Yes indeed, a ponder and a speculative nugget. You’re welcome.

Black Knight 1
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Avengers 47
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Red Thorn #1
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Only three issues in and some silliness has crept into Captain America Sam Wilson #3. This issue features the return of Capwolf. Yes that’s correct, Capwolf. Maybe writer Nick Spencer makes this work, who knows? If you feel captivated by the notion of the Capwolf character, you can get his first appearance in Captain America #405 (1992).

Is there any reason to be excited about The Mighty Thor #1? We all know Jane Foster is Thor. Now we simply don’t care anymore, the climax is over. We’ve been dealt the cards, we saw what we have and we folded. We’re done here. Do we need to carry on the nonsense of having Thor as a female character now? We say, not for long. The whole idea that Jane is battling cancer and losing is a very sad thing. She’s a beloved character, but this may give Marvel the “out” in order to bring back the Thor we all know and love. If sales don’t meet expectations, which we don’t think they will, then Jane will eventually die and Thor will come back. Ms. Marvel #1 on the other hand has more upside if there were to be a side by side longevity comparison. Stronger character traits (not history) and overall more appeal.

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Captain America Sam Wilson 3
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Captain America 405
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Ms Marvel 1
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Mighty Thor 1
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At first glance, New Avengers #3 looks as though Superman is on the cover! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a Marvel comic!

Sticking with the perplexed department here, what in God’s green earth is Secret Wars Too #1 about?

Marvel will give Spider-Woman another go; Spider-Woman #1. The longest lasting series for Spider-Woman ever was 50 issues. Her second longest? 18 issues. So lets all hope (no pun intended) writer Dennis Hopeless gets the ship right a bit this time. Starting off things with a pregnant Jessica Drew on just about all the covers. That in itself feels a bit odd no? Here’s hoping she has an easier labor than the series will.

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Uncanny Avengers Annual 1
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Spider-Woman 1
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New Avengers 3
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Secret Wars Too 1
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Marvel is about to turn the entire Star Wars comic franchise on its proverbial head. Star Wars Vader Down #1 will be the first ever Star Wars crossover event ever. It’s going to be awesome, make sure you’re a part of this. Over on the InvestComics Facebook page, there have been 3 contest already giving away the Wonderworld Comics variant. Thanks to those guys/gals for giving us such a great book to give away to lucky fans! Check out the two variants we’re giving away right now below. Make sure to visit Wonderworld Comics to buy your copy!

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More Star Wars comics to buy this week; Star Wars #12, find out the truth about Sana Solo! Also this week; Kanan The Last Padawan #8.IC_wonderworld_Star_wars_3Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 will introduce Emerald Warlock.

Captain Canuck is killing it with each issue. This Wednesday will be no exception with Captain Canuck #5 focusing on bad as* Kebec. She was introduced back in issue #0. Read Captain Canuck or you’re missing out.

Serving Supes #1 from Devils Due Publishing looks like a great ride. Check that out. Also from Devils Due Publishing, Zen Intergalactic Ninja comes back in Zen Intergalactic Ninja Hard Bounty #1. One of the earliest Zen appearances came in an Archie limited series back in 1992; Zen Intergalactic Ninja #1.

Star Wars 12
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Captain Canuck 5
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Kanan Last Padawan 8
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Serving Supes 1
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More comics to check out this week; Cops For Criminals #1 (Legendary Comics), written by Steven Grant, and Star-Lord #1.

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Zen Intergalactic Ninja 1
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Star-Lord 1
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Cops For Criminals 1
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Valiant continues their torrid pace in storybook writing this week with Bloodshot Reborn #8 and debut issue Wraith Of The Eternal Warriors #1. Valiant Entertainment is turning it up a notch, so should you. Read them.

Sold out comics; Hero Hourly #1 (21 Pulp) and Six #1 (451 Media Group).

Bloodshot Reborn 8
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Wraith of Eternal Warrior 1
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Hero Hourly 1
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Six 1
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6 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks #398

  1. Your analysis of Thor is nonsense. The book was popular. Many of the early issues are hard to find. This new volume Will be popular as well. Jason Aaron delivers a solid story. Are you kidding? You are way off. If it was such a failure why hasn’t she gone anywhere? The cancer story is not an out for Marvel.

    You don’t speak for all comic fans. You recommended Convergence. I knew that was trash Need I say more? Thanks for the “advice” won’t be coming back.

    1. Thanks for not coming back Jack. We don’t cater to fanboys here. We give an OPINION and have adult conversations about it. WE FEEL that the female Mighty Thor will not be a factor in 5 years. No one will care, but you will. You most likely were sent by someone else from another source because we actually gave a checklist of the Convergence titles and not recommending it as you said. We gave it for the READERS. Convergence also came out last year, so just now you’re getting around to leaving?? Know what you’re saying before you speak please. Good riddance.
      As for “whiffing” Steve. You have read the disclaimer right? It is virtually impossible to call every comic. And you’re talking about a comic from August? What about the ones we do hit on? Plenty of hits we’ve had and guess what? We’ll have plenty of misses too. It’s okay.

      1. Relax friend I was teasing on Space Riders. Everyone whiffed on that one. I just got lucky my local comic shop carried it, I saw it on the shelf and thought it looked like one of the most bad ass comics ever. I was lucky to be able to get all first prints. It was a very low print run.
        But you surely aren’t holding the line on Thor. If Marvel wishes, and with the right writer, they could go any number of directions that could give her longevity, perhaps permanence. Actually if Odinson becomes Thor again. It would be cool if she eventually identifies herself as Thordis to differentiate the two. And they fight in tandem at times, ala Iron Man and War Machine. Just something I’d love to see. They’d have to resolve the hammer thing somehow but there are certainly ways.
        Or even if she does eventually die and we move on, there’s nothing to say it wouldn’t still be considered a highly revered run.
        We all have our opinions, it’s all good. Kamala Khan is a winner too, but really I think she may have less potential as far as storylines go.
        It comes down to two things:
        -how many of them are there? They’ll print the hell out of both. So that makes the next point all the more important..
        -what does it bring to the table? I think they both bring plenty.
        But Thor for many customers, they want to know what happens next. What’s going on here is much deeper than trouble at the high school dance. I don’t mean to talk Khan down its a good comic and entertaining.
        But when it comes to Ms. Marvel, people buy those Carol Danvers keys while you can still afford them. Marvel Super Heroes 13 is climbing every single day. Ms. Marvel vol 1 #1, same deal. Issue 2 as well. And Capt Marvel vol 1 #18. And the 2012 Capt Marvel 1.
        And yes you’ve hit on things, but I just don’t agree when you’re downplaying on Thor. No way.

        1. NO Agree with me Steve! Hahaha, just kidding. Here’s the thing, I don’t think there will be a “run” at all. The gender change in characters is a gimmick and in my opinion 🙂 I think it will wane eventually. I told collectors NOT to pay $850 for a Spider-Gwen first appearance variant, some didn’t listen and now they are down 25% or more. This female Thor is not going to play out in the long term run in my opinion. Of course I could be completely wrong too! Hahaha!

  2. I do have to agree with Jack about Thor. I thought it was fantastic, and we all have our opinions but I feel your analysis, while understandable, is off base. I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing how the story develops. Because she has cancer, and being Thor is killing her, this creates a rich dichotomy in her character, which is one of the tried and true weapons for great storytelling. Great characters often have a strong duality.
    Plus the storytelling has lived up to expectations so far for everyone I talked to. I’ve talked to many people who were skeptical going in, but everyone says the same thing. It was great and they look forward to more. I loved how they made it look like Solomon and it turned out to be Foster anyway. I look forward to a flashback someday, where they show more of what exactly happened with Mjolnir on the moon. There is plenty to look forward to.
    I do have to disagree with Jack on something.
    Cancer isn’t an out in comics? Tell that to Captain Marvel lol.
    But I do think they’ll keep her around. If they do, Thor #1 and What if #10, thank god you are in my collection.
    All my opinions and I could be wrong, but man people are digging her. Why kill a cash cow? Remember she was outselling male Thor.
    And I say all this as a huge fan of the previous Thor. And as someone who is getting burnt out on the whole PC movement in comics right now (I just think it’s starting to go a little overboard, comics do well to have these elements, but in reasonable doses…do we need a pregnant spiderwoman for instance? Comics are also a fantasy, an escape. If I want all this I’ll watch reruns of Rosanne or good times).
    But I do appreciate your site, even though you whiffed on one of the hottest comics of the year by far, Space Riders. Unless I missed it then I apologize.

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