InvestComics Hot Picks 4-18-12 – War Machine Special

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First, there are a few articles and videos that went up on InvestComics this week that you should check out…. if you haven’t already!

There is a MegaCon 2012 Independent Circuit video focusing on various Independent publishers talking up their products and published books. It’s a short video, but very informative if you have not yet heard of some of them. Show your support, go out and buy their products. All of them offer something unique and different from one another. Take a look at this video right HERE.

Also this week, the latest video game reviews went up. Sandbox Episode #6. Jared and David are very on point with their video game reviews with many gamers liking what opinions they have to offer. Agree or disagree, they offer insight. It’s in depth and concise. Check out Sandbox Episode #6 right HERE.

A fantastic Interview from Andra Walt with Independent guru Terry Cronin hit InvestComics this week. Check out that Interview right HERE.

Comic book reviews were aplenty this week. Check out Rob McClelland’s reviews right HERE and the latest video reviews, FFFIC Episode #40 right HERE.

Now on to the Hot Picks this week!

The big book this week involves yet another death within the Marvel Universe. Well, we all assume that this will be a “death” because of the ominous cover of Iron Man #515. Will War Machine kick the proverbial bucket? How long before he comes back? Well who cares really? Honestly, there hasn’t been a major death in the Marvel Universe in a while now. Well actually, didn’t the Human Torch die?? Not counting that death, there hasn’t been anything concrete as far as deaths go. Most readers knew or felt as though Human Torch was coming back eventually. With War Machine, he’s NOT a Human Torch character. Marvel can off him and just find another person to fit inside the suit. There is a Hot Picks article WAY back in 2009 that covered War Machine’s first appearance and more. Back then Marvel was giving a lot of love to WM. Looks like Marvel developed their 7 year itch 4 years early. Go to the Hot Picks 1-2-09 right HERE to get a quick low down on Marvel’s ex.

Staying on topic here with “ominous covers, have you seen the Incredible Hulk #7 cover? Well Marvel promises readers one of the most exciting comics of the year with this one. With 8 months to go in the year, it’s exciting to know we have more exciting moments to come! We hope!  

Amazing Spider-Man #684 heats up with the ENDS storyline. Check out the original Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (1964). It has only 2 names all over that book. Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. Nuff said.

X-Factor #234 introduces 2 new characters; Insignia and Shutterbug. With X-Factor arguably being the best X book on the market these days, this issue may be a keeper.

It’s a Legion of Super-Hero week on Hot Picks! Dc’s Legion of Super-Heroes #8 brings back an artist that originally drew a very hot series by the same name back in 1984. Steve Lightle takes over the pencil duties this week, but the first time Steve graced the pages of Legion was Legion of Super-Heroes #3 (1984).

 Catwoman has a buddy to go out with and do bad things with in Catwoman #8. Spark is her name and her first appearance was in…….you guessed it, Legion of Super-Heroes #0 (1994).

Another female character to spotlight this week is Supergirl. In Supergirl #8, Silver Banshee is causing all sorts of problems for our beloved hero. Catch Silver Banshee’s first appearance in Action Comics #595. This issue features art from John Byrne! If that isn’t cool enough for you, Supergirl #8 features art form George Perez!

Here are a few Independent comics to check out this week. Dark Horse’s Reset #1 from Peter Bagge. Peter was interviewed on InvestComics recently. If you’d like to read that, click HERE. Hot comic Manhattan Projects from Image comes out with the second issue and also from Dark Horse Resident Alien #0.

Scroll through covers of the week below. As always, some beauties in there!

See you next week.

Invest wisely

Jay Katz

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