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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 5/25/16

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Click To Buy/Bid – Spider-Man #1 (1990) – Signed By Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee – $99

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New to InvestComics? Please read the Disclaimer here before proceeding…

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IC 100 Club Pick: Spider-Man #1 (1990) graded 9.4 – signed by Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee. This comic is signed by two of the industries most sought after signatures. The comic is listed at only $99. What a great piece to own.

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DC Universe Rebirth Special #1
Click To Buy/Bid – DC Universe Rebirth Special #1
Justice League #50
Click To Buy/Bid – Justice League #50
Click To Buy/Bid – New Teen Titans #3
Teen Titans #20
Click To Buy/Bid – Teen Titans #20



DC begins their new take on their own universe this Wednesday……again. Haven’t we been here before? Maybe this time will be different and stick for a while. It’s always good to be an optimist. So the DC Universe Rebirth Special #1 comic will be THE comic to start the proverbial ball rolling. The solicit warns readers not to jump to the back of the story (comic). This reveals one thing (most probable/speculation) that there is a big unveiling about to occur. We’re looking forward to this, so should you. Don’t be a whiny fanboy, you’ll eventually read DC Comics if you’re on a strike campaign against them, so why not just pick this comic up and see where DC will be headed?

The Fearsome Five make their return this week in Teen Titans #20. Their first appearance was back in 1981; New Teen Titans #3. Written/drawn/cover by George Perez. And many other great talents as well!

Huge grand finale from DC coming this week. Check out the conclusion to the DarkSeid War in Justice League #50.

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Jim Lee
Click To Buy/Bid – Scooby #1 Jim Lee
Joelle Jones
Click To Buy/Bid – Scooby #1 Joelle Jones
Neal Adams
Click To Buy/Bid – Scooby #1 Neal Adams
Ben Caldwell
Click To Buy/Bid – Scooby #1 Ben Caldwell








As we said with the first new look DC/Hanna Barbera release; Future Quest #1. We love the change, the risk of updating old, mundane, boring characters into modern times. Hear’s a message to the complaining fanboys, who don’t even READ the Scooby-Doo comics, who had a lot to say regarding the new look, new take, new mature theme of the Hanna-Barbera characters. Get over it, seriously. When was the last time you saw one of these fanboys actually buy a Scooby-Doo comic, read it, and then talk to their other fanboy friends about how great it was? Yes, we know that actually DOES exist in some cases, so please no emails or comments on our social media about the few we are speaking of. We’re not saying it doesn’t exist, just saying it’s far a few between that an all ages comic book is read by a 25 year old fanboy, but yet the ones that DON’T read it are the ones yelling the loudest. Simmer down. Scooby-Doo Apocalypse #1 will happen with or without you. Too bad. As for the route fans may use about not having any original material for kids to read regarding Scooby-Doo…..really?? Scooby Doo comics date as far back as 1970, plenty of comic material to pick up on before your child hits their teenage years. So it’s more about YOU than it is about them.

Now let’s get to the Scooby-Doo Apocalypse #1 comic. Written by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Jim Lee. The character designs are from Jim Lee. Keith and J.M. are veteran writers and always bring it. This comic has all the makings of a hit, but could fall flat on its face because sometimes things don’t always work out just because things “look cool” or have an all-star creative team. Hopefully the hype meets the readers and we get the hit we all expect. A plethora of variant covers will release on new comic day with this arrival. The Jim Lee regular cover is quite nice, but the Neal Adams, Ben Caldwell, and Joelle Jones covers are on point.

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Daredevil #7
Click To Buy/Bid – Daredevil #7
Deadpool #6
Click To Buy/Bid – Deadpool #6
Click To Buy/Bid – Deadpool #12
Click To Buy/Bid – Deadpool #36

Okay, the Daredevil #7 Apocalypse variant cover is just crazy amaze balls. Khoi Pham absolutely killed on this one. Kudos to Khoi here. Kudos.

Another year, another Captain America number one issue. This time he has a new shield! Will this equate to more sales?! Probably not, but the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America in his own title; Captain America Steve Rogers #1 should peak some interest. Oh look at that, just an awesome legend giving fans a Cap cover. Mr. Jim Steranko everyone, step aside.

Another week, another Deadpool comic within the InvestComics Hot Picks article. Fans will see the return of Deadpool 2099 in Deadpool #12. We gave you a heads up on the first appearance of Deadpool 2099 (Warda Wilson & Wade) a few months back in Deadpool #6 (in which the cover completely mirrors the new release here). In the latest Deadpool issue, we’ll witness the first appearance of Zenpool 2099. Zenpool (without the 2099 attached) first appeared in Deadpool #36 (2014 – third volume). If you’re in the market for some cool Deadpool first appearances and key issues, check out the InvestComics Deadpool checklist right HERE.

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Captain America Steve Rogers #1
Click To Buy/Bid – Captain America #1
Nighthawk #1
Click To Buy/Bid – Nighthawk #1
Montress #6
Click To Buy/Bid – Monstress #6
Supreme Power #2
Click To Buy/Bid – Supreme Power #2

The Squadron Supreme character Nighthawk manged to get his own solo comic this week. Kind of a random dude to get his own comic, right? Anyway, the Nighthawk #1 Bill Sienkiewicz/Denys Cowan regular cover would have sufficed (because it’s so awesome), but instead we get 4 other covers for an easy overkill. The first appearance for THIS particular Nighthawk was in Supreme Power #2 (2003).

Marjorie Lui continues her hit series this week with Monstress #6. If you’re not buying this comic by now, we’re not sure why you’re not. You should be.

All of Creature Entertainment’s Tommy #2 variants are sold out. Have you seen our giveaway we’re running for the ComicXposure Exclusives; Tommy #1 and Forgive Me Father #1? Click HERE to see how you can enter for a chance to win BOTH comics from InvestComics.


Tommy #2
Click To Buy/Bid – Tommy #2
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