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Amazing Spider-Man #529
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IC 100 Club Pick: Amazing Spider-Man #529 9.6. There have been some rumors abound that the Iron Spider Armor could make an appearance in the new Spider-Man movie. Tony Stark seems to have a bigger role in the Spidey universe than initially thought (see Captain America: Civil War). Lets jump ahead a little bit here and say that Spider-Man will be a part of the Marvel character heavy Avengers movie when they battle Thanos. There is no way Spidey goes into that fight with a nylon suit. Enter the Iron Spider Armor. Here is a high grade (9.6) FIRST Iron Spider Armor for only $50.96. Fantastic buy here folks.  

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Cyborg Rebirth #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Cyborg #1
Everafter From The Pages of Fables #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Everafter…#1
Harley Quinn #3
Click to Buy/Bid – Harley Quinn #3
Supergirl #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Supergirl #1

We’re going to give a heads up to all Vertigo (DC) fans, readers and speculators of the new title; Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #1. Not only will this comic be a tremendous interest to readers, it will also feature some first appearances and an introduction of a new villain. Look for this comic to be a possible sleeper and fly under the radar for a bit until word gets out about how awesome it is. Art by Travis Moore and written by Matthew Struges and Dave Justus.
Supergirl gets another series this Wednesday. For those keeping score at home, this is the seventh volume. Supergirl #1 written by Steve Orlando and art from Brian Ching.
Cyborg Rebirth #1. Written by John Semper Jr. Art by Paul Pelletier.
Bill Sienkiewicz lends his legendary talents to DC Comics this week for the Harley Quinn #3 variant. It’s absolutely disturbing, but beautiful.

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We’re loving the prostate cancer awareness Marvel Comics is bringing to it’s line on certain covers. Invincible Iron Man #13 variant cover is drawn by Jamal Campbell.
Marvel turns its focus a bit on the new Wasp in All-New All-Different Avengers #14.
We cannot make up our minds about which Daredevil #11 cover kicks more as* this week. Is it the Ron Garney or Alex Maleev cover? Either way, it’s a win win for fans.
Speaking of a win for fans, did you know about the Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #3 variant cover by Rob Liefeld? Yep, check it out on Ebay right HERE for only $49.99 with free shipping! As always, WE are not the Ebay seller here. Please read our disclaimer.
Nothing like a good origin comic to check out. Doctor Strange #11 will reveal the origin of Doctor Strange. The Adam Hughes variant is sweet. Most are selling this variant for $90+. You can get all 3 Doctor Strange #11 variants for only $89.99 right HERE.

Dardevil #11 Alex Maleev
Click to Buy/Bid – DD – Maleev
Dardevil #11 Ron Garney
Click to Buy/Bid – DD – Garney
Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #3
Click to Buy/Bid – Deadpool….#3
Invincible Iron Man #13
Click to Buy/Bid – Iron Man #1

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When we were in San Diego Comic Con a few weeks back, we saw a stunning Silk cosplay simply standing in an aisle waiting for something or someone, we’re not sure. Whenever we cover a comic show, we always provide the best cosplay we see (pics), not the usual run of the mill cosplay pics. So we said hello and asked if we can take a quick pic for our fans on social media. We asked her handle name so that we would be able to provide a tag in our post. It turns out it was cosplay mega-star Rian Synnth. Check out the SDCC Youtube video posted below, that’s her right on the cover of the video. And while we’re on the topic of covers, Silk #12 features one of those variant cosplay covers Marvel has been doing for a little bit now. Is that Rian Synnth on the cover?! It sure seems like it is. We went from not knowing Rian to taking a pic for our fans, to “maybe” seeing her on the cover of a Marvel Comic. Cool. Oh and by the way, that variant is sold out.

Silk #12
Click to Buy/Bid – Silk #12
Doctor Strange #11
Click to Buy/Bid – Doctor Strange #11
All-New All-Different Avengers #14
Click to Buy/Bid – All-New Avgs #14
Kill or be Killed #2
Click to Buy/Bid – Kill or Be Killed #2       





Readers were informed of Ed Brubaker’s Kill or be Killed #1 (Image Comics) a few weeks ago. It sold out. Now comes Kill or be Killed #2. We say, Read or be Killed.
Alters #1 from After-Shock Comics features the first ever transgender superhero. Written by Paul Jenkins, with art from Leila Leiz.
Film director Brian Philipson made a movie called Hardcore Henry. Now he’ll expand on the “Hardcore” series with a prequel comic book; Hardcore Akan #1 (Bliss On Tap).
Aftermath Big Clean #1 (Heavy Metal) is sold out. From creators Kevin Molen (writer/artist) and Matt Molen (writer/artist). Get a copy before the second print sells out and you miss that one too.
Oni Press delivers Nights Dominion #1 this Wednesday. Well Oni Press won’t actually deliver it, but FedEx or whoever makes the deliveries will drop it off. Oni Press has a knack of putting out a great product, their reputation says so. So why not give this a shot?

Alters #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Alters #1
Hardcore Akan #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Akan #1
Aftermath Big Clean #1
Click to Buy/Bid – ….Big Clean #1
Nights Dominion #1
Click to Buy/Bid – …Dominion #1

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Here are more comics to check out on Wednesday. James Patterson Max Ride Final Flight #1 (Marvel Comics). Eclipse #1 (Image Comics). The Great Divide #1 (Dynamite Entertainment). Glitterbomb #1 (Image Comics). Rise Of The Black Flame #1 (Dark Horse), written by Mike Mignola. Thin #1 (American Gothic Press). Skybourne #1 (Boom Studios).

Skybourne #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Sky #1
Glitterbomb #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Glitter.. #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Eclipse #1
The Great Divide #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Divide #1
Thin #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Thin #1

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

As most comic book fans have heard already, Marvel’s Runaways will be coming to Hulu TV. InvestComics released a Runaways checklist today for collectors to get a jump on some key books in case this series explodes. If they keep to the Brian K. Vaughn style, it will be a sure fire hit show. Check out the Runaways checklist right HERE. Enjoy!



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