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Deadpool gets a couple of slots in this week’s Hot Picks article.
Domino will take over the Deadpool And The Mercs For Money team. Not only will she take over the team, but she’ll debut a new team too. Deadpool And The Mercs For Money #4 features the addition of Ape-Man and Hit-Monkey. Since InvestComics gave readers a heads up on the original team in January, in which several branched out into their own books as we predicted. One actually branching out to a cartoon. (See InvestComics Hot Picks  #409 for the first appearance of those characters and see the InvestComics Facebook page on the cartoon debuting one of the characters we were so eager on in January). So with all that we give you Ape-Man’s first appearance (1); Daredevil #10 (1965). The second Ape-Man first appearance (2); Daredevil #157 (1979). And of course, Hit-Monkey first appeared in Hit-Monkey #1 (2010).

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Marvel has found success in their mash-up characters in the last couple of years. A mash-up from 2008 makes it’s way back in a big way this week. Venompool will debut in his own series; Deadpool Back In Black #1. Boy will the variant comics be a biggie in the aftermarket. Fanboys will pay top dollar for that graded variant more so. As far as Venompool. This will not be the first time he’s appeared. He first appeared in Cable & Deadpool #50 in 2008. A comic to keep an eye out on being that Marvel may want to up the ante on the Venompool character, which it looks like they are already doing with the debut of this new comic. There are plenty of variants to go around too. So many to choose from, but some more scarce than others. Our favs; The regular Salva Espin cover and Rob Liefeld variant. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Salva Espin bring the mash-up of the week!

Click to Buy/Bid – Cable Deadpool #50
Click to Buy/Bid – Back in Black #1 Espin
Click to Buy/Bid – Back In Blk #1 Liefeld
Click to Buy/Bid – Back in Blk #1 Liefeld

There are those rare times when a comic character actually equates better on screen (big or small) than it does on paper. Jessica Jones is that character. Yes yes we know about Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias, but that series hit the 28th issue and was done. Yes it won some Eisner awards, we get it, but truth be told, if the character was that strong, Marvel would have kept her series going to cash in, even if it was with some other creator. They would have started and restarted a Jessica Jones series like they do with so many other characters, but they never did. That says something. Marvel (Disney) loves making money and the money (interest) was simply never there for them to even care to notice and cash in. The Netflix show absolutely rocks and if you haven’t seen it, you should. Now with the new found interest in Jessica Jones Netflix series, Marvel will try to cash in now! See how this works? Enter Jessica Jones #1. The original team of the Alias comic series returns for this new series. Alias #1 (2001) was the first appearance of Jessica Jones. Brian Michael Bendis writes and Michael Gaydos pencils. This series will be great out of the gate, but will it lose steam once the honeymoon is over? Either way, it’s still going to be an enjoyable read right out of the gate. A definite without a doubt pick up comic this week. Read it, enjoy it. And the Mike Deodato Jr. variant cover gets a big thumbs up too!

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Click to Buy/Bid – Strange Tales #111

Doctor Strange #12 brings back a villain that made his debut in 1962. He’s obviously made appearances since then, but we’re just pointing out that this character is an old one! Baron Mordo’s first appearance was in Strange Tales #111. Have you checked out the InvestComics Doctor Strange Checklist from June of 2015? Click HERE to get those last minute Doctor Strange books.

A slew of variant covers accompany the debut of Marvel’s Champions #1. A new ongoing team book. Marvel’s Champions originally debuted back in 1975’s The Champions #1. That team was old school and the team coming at us on Wednesday is for the millennial.
It looks a though another death may occur in a comic this week. This week it’s Amazing Spider-Man #19. Two cover standouts here too. One from Alex Ross and the other from Aaron Kuder.

Click to Buy/Bid – AMZ SPM #19 Kuder
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DC will debut a new character in a new comic this week. Check out Shade The Changing Girl #1 debut in her own comic. This comic will be written by Cecil Castellucci and art by Marley Zarcone.
Deadman: Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love #1 will begin a new bi-monthy mini-series. Written by Sarah Vaughn and art by Lan Medina.
It’s very hard to fathom for some reason that the character He-Man never crossed paths with the Thundercats team. Well this crossover actually becomes a reality this Wednesday with DC’s He-Man Thundercats #1. Written by Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine. Pencils by Freddie Williams II.
Speaking of team-ups, two characters get back together again for a new mini-series; Midnighter And Apollo #1.
A possible new villain may appear in Aquaman #8. Batman #8 continues the crossover event; Night of The Monster Men part 4. The story has been fun so far and the Tim Sale cover here is equally as fun.

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A few number one issues to look for from Image Comics on Wednesday. Green Valley #1, Romulus #1, Cannibal #1, and Moonshine #1. The creative talent on Moonshine #1, Brian Azzarello (writer) and Eduardo Risso (artist) with a Frank Miller variant makes this comic….”shine” a bit from the others. See what we did there? Hmmm, yeah that was bad.
The cover of Spawn #266 reminds us of the 90’s. Look at that Erik Larsen cover. Spawn, Savage Dragon and Ant. Lovely.
Scout Comics has been killing it as of the past year. We’ve recommended every single Henchgirl comic since its inception and they have all sold out. If you have bought any of the early issues we recommended, you’ve made some serious cash back from these pick-ups in the aftermarket. You’re welcome! This week, Henchgirl #11 and the debut of the a new series; Girrion #1 from writer/artist Tom Lintern.
Speaking of an independent company bringing the goods, Titan Comics’ Hard Case Crime Triggerman #1 comes out.
After-Shock Comics debuts Shipwreck #1 from writer Warren Ellis and artist Phil Hester. This has winner winner chicken dinner all over it. Why the Sheen reference? No idea!

Click to Buy/Bid – Spawn #266
Click to Buy/Bid – Girrion #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Moonshine #1
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Eric Powell’s Hillbilly #1 and #2 hit their second printings and are sold out already!
Black #1 from Black Mask Comics will sell out, as does just about every debut Black Mask comic does. Black #1 is from writer Kwanza Osajyefo and artist Jamal Igle.
The second straight sell out book from Heavy Metal; Aftermath Big Clean #2.
Oni Press always puts out a great product and we love reporting on it. Angel City #1 from Janet Harvey (writer) and Megan Levens (art).

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Not only will Betty Boop be getting her own comic on new comic book day, but there will be at least 9 variant covers coming along with it. Does Dynamite Entertainment know something we don’t know? Betty Boop #1 has the appeal for a younger female audience, why do we need 9 variants again? Is that demo that large that they need to appeal to a young girl wanting to buy all 9+ covers? Just asking? No hate what’s so ever here at all! Just asking…..Oh and we didn’t even talk about the 5 variant covers (including a blank!) for Homies #1. No really, we didn’t make that up. Homies #1; coming to a comic shop near you on 10/5. If those two releases coming from Dynamite do not tickle your fancy, maybe the debut of an original Kung-Fu character/series Intertwined #1 will get your attention. Brought to you by writer Fabrice Sapolsky and artist Fred Pham Chuong.

Rounding out the week, Death Of Hawkman #1 (DC Comics), writer Marc Andreyko and artist Aaron Lopresti and Disney Kingdoms Enchanted Tiki Room #1 (Marvel).

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