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New comic book release day 11/23/16.

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Each week InvestComics seeks out a comic(s) on Ebay for $100 or less and then brings it to the attention of our fans. We call it IC 100 Club Pick. The idea is to get a great book at a great price. We do not own nor are we selling these comics. The comics are found by a random process. We do not know the ebay seller(s), nor are we promoting the Ebay seller. Any knowing from the Ebay seller of InvestComics or its affiliates is purely coincidental. (See disclaimer for more details). 

IC 100 Club Pick: Daredevil #150 (1978) CBCS 9.0. This nicely graded book features the first appearance of the villain Paladin. It’s signed by artist Klaus Janson. It also has a Gil Kane/Frank Giacoia cover. All of this for $65! 

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One of Spider-Man’s greatest adversaries gets another number one issue this Wednesday. Venom #1 debuts with writer Mike Costa and artist Gerardo Sandoval at the helm. Have you seen the InvestComics giveaway contest? You could win the exclusive Venom #1 Greg Horn WonderWorld Comics variant. Click HERE and follow the easy instructions to enter. Good luck. Back to talking about the release of the new comic. Well, let’s talk about Venom appearances for a minute. We all know of his “cameo” in Amazing Spider-Man #299 (1988) and his first full appearance is in Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1988). Those comics can be costly in the aftermarket, so why not shop for Venom’s “second” full appearance (third overall) in Amazing Spider-Man #315 (1989)? Some may overcharge for this comic, but still worth a hunt for a great copy at an affordable price. Most collectors won’t budge so much on #299 or #300, but #315 is more flexible for most. Here’s a crazy Venom comic that a collector can snag on Ebay for about one dollar. Quasar #6 (1989). It’s the first Venom appearance anywhere outside the Spider-Man universe (comic).
One more thing. The Venom #1 Todd McFarlane variant has an asking price of $150 right now on Ebay. The McFarlane Venom variant cover is the actual first appearance Todd drew of Venom in the Amazing Spider-Man #299 issue (last page) back in 1988. Nothing new here, just Marvel showing off Todd’s greatness.

Dani Moonstar returns in All New X-Men Annual #1. She last appeared in 2014’s All-New X-Factor #8 and Amazing X-Men #6. They both came out in the same month, we’re not too sure which came out first or if they came out the same week. No matter really, it’s irrelevant, she’s back now. However, of possible relevance is her first appearance in Marvel Graphic Novel #4 New Mutants (1982). 
Ultimates Squared #1 is a new team title from Marvel. Ultimates Squared are the heralds of Galactus and they’re called the Lifebringer. This is not the first appearance of this team formed by Galactus. Lifebringer first appeared in Ultimates #2 (2016).

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The smartest person in the Marvel universe is Lunella Lafayette. A fourth grader. Marvel is out to prove their case as the latest story line begins in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #13. The Amy Reeder cover keeps us guessing, what is connected to what? Creative cover.
Civil War II #7 will be the final issue. Great Marko Djurdjevic cover (regular) of Captain Marvel laying the smackdown.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 will feature the first written comic book work by comedian/talk show host/game show host Wayne Brady.

A couple of DC mentions……..this does not mean there aren’t any more superb DC comics coming out, just two that made it here that’s all. So we’re good right?
Deathstoke runs into the Man of Steel in Deathstroke #7. A homage Superman cover from Shane Davis.
…..And that Jenny Frison Wonder Woman #11 cover really nails a distraught looking WW. The last issue of ‘The Lies’ story line.

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A new Scott Snyder from Image hits this week; AD After Death Book 1. InvestComics snagged a preview copy at San Diego Comic Con a few months ago. It’s a great book. We also got that comic signed by Scott Snyder himself. It’s for sale right HERE if you’re interested.

John Layman and Rob Guillory have an incredible run on the title Chew. This Wednesday the series comes to an end. Chew #60 will be a double size finale.
Two more number one comics to check out this week; Super Powers #1 (DC). Masked #1 (Titan Comics).

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