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New comic book release day 12/21/16.

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IC 100 Club Pick: We have three comics this week under $100. Shazam #1 (1973) 8.5. First appearance of Marvel Family in DC Universe. Origin of Captain Marvel retold. Press this and possibly get a 9.0? At $79.99 buy it now, that’s a buy….it….now.  Not too familiar with these Michael Turner Aspen DC Comics, but this one looks nice for only $59.99. Harley Quinn #1 (2016) 9.8 Michael Turner sketch variant.  Amazing Adventures #1 (1970) 5.0. First solo Black Widow story. Cover by Jack Kirby and John Romita. Art from Jack Kirby and John Buscema. All this for only $84.

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Gamora gets her first solo series ever. Gamora #1 will have writer Nicole Perlman and artist Marco Checchetto see Gamora off to begin her solo career. She has a strong presence on screen, but will that equate to a strong showing in the funny books? We’ll have to watch and see on this one. We have confidence that Nicole and Marco will keep things interesting. Strange Tales #180 (1975) is the first Gamora appearance. The cosmic master, Jim Starlin is all over this one too. Story, art, inks, colors and cover art. An obvious classic. A Gamora #1 variant pays homage to New Mutants #1 (1983). Cover by Bobby Rubio. There is also the sexy (what a surprise) J. Scott Campbell variant. That one seems to be in much demand (what a surprise). Oh and Star-Lord #1 comes out too. There is a variant that pays homage to Uncanny X-Men #138 (1980). The variant is done by Chris Stevens.

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Over many years, there have been several characters to have taken the Captain America mantle. So many in fact, it’s too many to list here. There have been a few women to run with the shield, but most or all the time within the alternate Marvel universe. It’s no secret that Disney has set out on a mission regarding their comics as far as gender and their demo reach is concerned. The female hero/villain has a very large presence in today’s comic market and now Marvel branches out once again (possibly) to switch the gender tables on one of their characters. It seems as though Misty Knight is borrowing that Captain America mantle from Sam Wilson in Captain America Sam Wilson #16. And judging from the Paul Renaud cover, she is not playing around. Will this become a ‘thing’? Will she keep the shield? Star in her own title with a shield of her own? Misty Knight first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #1 (1972). Her First full appearance was in Marvel Premiere #21 (1975).

Number zero comic issues are silly. There, we said it. They make no sense, but sometimes comic companies insist on doing the silliness of a zero issue before their number one issue. Such is the case for Marvel’s Mighty Captain Marvel #0. We’re not saying any zero issues aren’t good or this particular zero issue won’t be good, just saying there is nothing that cannot be done in a number one issue that can be done in a zero issue. Count up from number one and that’s it. Have a prologue issue with no number if need be instead……why zero? Anyway, let’s get back to the new Mighty Captain Marvel #0. Zero……….okay okay we need to get back on track, we apologize. Totally having fun here, we really don’t care that much. At all actually. The new Captain Marvel comic will be the first ever regular comic series from writer Margaret Stohl. She made her comic book debut introducing us to Red Widow in Mockingbird Shield 50th Anniversary #1. So check out the new series from Margaret Stohl and artist Ramon Rosanas.

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Deadpool And Mercs For Money #6 will feature the return of Rainbow Deadpool Squad. The Rainbow Deadpool Squad first appeared earlier this year in Deadpool #4. Just like we predicted spinoff series’ for the original members of the Mercs For Money team, we’ll say to watch out for a Deadpool Rainbow Squad team book somewhere down the line eventually.
Riri Williams continues her quest, read her story in Invincible Iron Man #2.

DC is calling Justice League Suicide Squad #1 the start of the first major storyline within the realm of Rebirth. Brought to us by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jason Fabok. Have you seen the Justice League Suicide Squad #1 Unknown Comics variant giveaway here on InvestComics? Click HERE and enter for your chance to win next week. As for the sense of a major storyline? We don’t care, give us a well written story with action and we’re on board.
A disturbingly cool variant cover from W. Scott Forbes to check out; Green Arrow #13.

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Archie Comics continues their introduction of Cheryl Blossom in Archie #15. The Rafael Albuquerque variant cover kills.
Action Lab Entertainment brings life to a novel written by comic creator Peter David. The title ensures the quality of ownership; Peter David’s Artful #1.

Here are other comics to look out for this Wednesday; Divinity III Stalinverse #1 (Valiant Entertainment). Dead Inside #1 (Dark Horse). Jem Misfits #1 (IDW). Gumballs #1 (IDW). Locke & Key Small World #1 (IDW). Tales From The Suicide Forest (Amigo Comics). World War X #1 (Titan Comics).

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