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Last weeks New Comics Video #462

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Batgirl #8
Buy/Bid – Batgirl #8
Detective Comics #951
Buy/Bid – Detective Comics #951
Justice League Of America #1
Buy/Bid – JLA #1
Astro City #41
Buy/Bid – Astro City #41










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Detective Comics #951 begins a new storyline from writer James TynionIV, ‘League of Shawows’. Art by Christian Duce.
New JLA series begins; Justice League Of America #1, written by Steve Orlando and art by Ivan Reis.
Writer Hope Larson continues the ‘Son of Penguin’ storyline in Batgirl #8. The second appearance of Penguins son; Ethan Cobblepot.
Astro City hits its 100th anniversary issue; Astro City #41. This issue will have a couple of character introductions. Covers by Alex Ross, written by Kurt Busiek and art from Brent Eric Anderson.

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It’s hard to believe the Thunderbolts will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in Thunderbolts #10 this Wednesday. Way back in Incredible Hulk #449 (1997), we got our first look at the then Thunderbolts team. The team has changed a number of times over the years, but that 1997 book was their first appearance. The 20 year old comic is still relatively affordable in some places on Ebay. Make sure you click our RED link to see the pricing and availability.
The Spider-Man Deadpool #14 cover shows Deadpool and Spidey at a comic convention. There are a few Deadpool cosplayers vying for position for an opportunity photo with Wade and there are many Deadpool cosplayers scattered throughout. It’s fun/silly comic cover scenes like this that wind up getting speculators in a frenzy over a first appearance somewhere. Maybe this cover features the first appearance of Rabbitpool? Bunnypool? Afropool?

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Incredible Hulk #449
Buy/Bid – Incredible Hulk #449
Thunderbolts #10
Buy/Bid – Thunderbolts #10
Elektra #1
Buy/Bid – Elektra #1
Spider-Man Deadpool #14
Buy/Bid – Spidey Deadpool #14










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For some reason, when the Elektra character debuts a new series, it always starts off red hot, but then tails off. We have faith this will not be the case for the new series beginning on Wednesday. Look for quick initial interest for Elektra #1, written by Matt Owens and art from Juan Cabal. If you like it, be sure to support the comic and buy the next issue(s).

Indie Hot Picks;
IDW Publishing delivers a few comics on this week’s Hot Picks list.
Revolutionaries #2 features the all new Storm Shadow.
If you’re an animal lover, there’s a comic for you this week. Check out IDW’s Animal Noir #1. Writer/artist Izar Lunacek tells the tale of animals that talk, wear clothes, smoke and investigate a prey fantasy film. We think this may not be a comic for the kiddies.
TMNT Universe #7 reveals the new Metalhead.
IDW also offers up Cosmic Scoundrels #1, Andy Suriano and Matt Chapman bring this web series to life. Two annuals; Judge Dredd Annual #1 and My Little Pony Annual #1.

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Belfry #1
Buy/Bid – Belfry #1
Old Guard #1
Buy/Bid – Old Guard #1
Quantum Teens Are Go #1
Buy/Bid – Quantum Teens #1
Sun Bakery #1
Buy/Bid – Sun Bakery #1










Image Tribute Covers
Buy Image Comics Tribute Comics on Ebay
Judge Dredd Annual #1
Buy/Bid – Judge #1
Cosmic Scoundrels #1
Buy/Bid – Cosmic #1

A new Hellboy spinoff series from Mike Mignola and Paul Grist; Visitor How And Why He Stayed #1 (Dark Horse).
Fans of the 1982 movie The Dark Crystal have something to really look forward to this week. Check out Jim Henson Power Of The Dark Crystal #1 from Boom Studios. Written by Simon Spurrier and pencils by Nichole Matthews. Jae Lee provides the cover(s).

Every new Black Mask comic release sells out (mostly). They offer up Quantum Teens Are Go #1. Written by Magdalene Visaggio and art by Eryk Donovan.

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Image one shot; Belfry #1 will probably sell out. Writer/artist Gabriel Hardman delivers a horror story that may have fans asking for more. It starts here.
Speaking of sold out comics, Old Guard #1 will probably join Belfry #1 as the duo will show strong sales out of the gate. Old Guard #1, a story of old soldiers that won’t die. Written by the awesome Greg Rucka and art from Leandro Fernandez.
A sold out comic from Press Gang in 2016 makes its way to Image comics. The Anime style Sun Bakery #1 from writer/artist Corey Lewis.
Image Comics also continue their very cool tribute covers. Click the Image above and see which tribute covers you can grab on Ebay.

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Animal Noir #1
Buy/Bid – Animal Noir #1
Buy/Bid – TMNT Universe #7
Revolutionaries #2
Buy/Bid – Revolutionaries #2
Visitor How And Why He Stayed #1
Buy/Bid – Visitor #1











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