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This week, new comic book release day 4/26/17.


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Writer Peter David and artist Mark Bagley bring the fan favorite clone Ben Reilly into his own on-going series; Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1. Ben Reilly has a few ‘first appearances’ to look at. Amazing Spider-Man #149 (1975) is the first Spider-Clone appearance. It also happens to be Gwen Stacy’s clone origin as well. Maybe we’ll get a Spider-Gwen clone one day and this comic will be in even more demand. Web of Spider-Man #118 (1994); First appearance as Scarlet Spider. The first appearance as Spider-Man; Sensational Spider-Man #0 (1996). That’s it, those are key Ben Reilly books. If you truly believe in this character, these are the books to own. There is a funny thing we noticed about the Mark Bagley (regular cover). Some of the solicits have Scarlet Spider with a hood on and some don’t. Is this a thing? Maybe just an update of the cover solicits (with or without the hood). Either way, maybe be on the look-out for it?

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Old Man Logan ‘Wolverine’ continues revisiting his past and dealing with the present as he takes on Wendigo and The Hulk for old times sake. Old Man Logan #22, written by Jeff Lemire and art by Eric Nguyen. The cover(s) from this storyline are depicting the old comics from yesteryear behind Wolverine and we love it. Cover for Old Man Logan #22 from Andrea Sorrentino.

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DC and Dynamite Entertainment team up as Batman teams up with The Shadow this Wednesday. Writer’s Scott Snyder/Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo are on the case. The two legendary comic characters reunite for the first time since a team-up stint in 1974’s Batman #259. They teamed up for the first time ever in Batman #253 (1973). Two classic books which would make for a nice addition to your collection. Batman The Shadow #1 will feature a first appearance of a new villain. More of a reason to check out this comic.

The 4 part ‘The Button’ story continues this week in Flash #21 (part 2). While we love the lenticular cover(s), we repeat, we love the lenticular cover(s), be careful of the speculative nonsense that may follow it from various sources getting on the hype train. Do not over pay for these covers. We have explained these reasons regarding variant comic book covers (special covers) throughout our Hot Picks post within the last couple of years, but in case you missed it, here it goes again. Again, we love the variant covers as much as the next fan that appreciates great art, but there is one thing a collector must keep in mind when buying the variant lenticular cover(s) coming out as part of the DC gimmick this week. The guts. If the inside of this comic has no significance within the grand scope of things for the next 2 to 5 years, then guess what? You have a pretty cover……that’s it. Again, if you like a variant cover, you should buy it, We encourage it because nice art is nice art, we get that, but do not have the thinking you are ‘investing’ or speculating on a comic that will serve any relevance in years to come. We pointed out in many of our articles to do the grading test with CGC and CBCS. If you see a nice variant cover (signed maybe too?) that is ‘rare’ and has an asking price of $150 or $300 or even $75, you should look at the top right hand corner of the graded book. Shift the eyes there. Empty? Blank? Does it say ‘Joker appearance’? ‘Harley Quinn appearance’? Well if your modern variant says only that or something similar and not ‘First appearance’ or ‘Cameo (first appearance)’, then you have been duped into the hype market. A ‘rare’ modern variant cover or a special glow in the dark/3D/lenticular comic come with the SAME guts as 10,000 other comics with a ‘regular’ cover and is basically a non-factor in the grand scheme of things. If there was a ‘rare’ modern variant/glow in the dark/lenticular of New Mutants #98, well you’re on to something. The guts have significance. The Flash #21 Lenticular cover, if it’s graded a 9.8, guess what you have, you have a neat gimmick cover that will probably state in the right hand corner; ‘The Button story begins. Jason Fabok Lenticular cover.’ (This of course is all on assuming that there is ‘no significant’ feature in this book.) As a speculator, if you’re willing to pluck down serious cash for a 9.8, then by all means do so if you think the resale value will exceed what you paid for it. If you’re looking for a collector’s piece to just hold onto, get it signed and graded yourself and enjoy it. The variant market is completely skewed right now. The horse blinders are on. Collectors of modern books must refocus. The guts, the guts matter, not just a nice cover when it comes to resale value. A nice cover will rarely sustain or outrun the first appearance book or a book of significance. Some may say, but what about the Watchmen element being thrown into the DCU right now regarding Flash #21? Isn’t that a big factor? Well yes and no. Yes for now and no for longevity. Do you really think DC will hold this Watchmen twist into its lure? Another ‘relaunch’ in 4 years perhaps? If you think this may not happen, you must be new to this sport. The guts, the guts, the guts. The end.

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InvestComics Archie Comics Checklist – Click Image

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
X-O Manowar #2 follows the quick sell out of X-O Manowar #1. Written by Matt Kindt and pencils by Tomas Giorello. Britannia We Who Are About to Die #1 (Valiant Entertainment); Writer Peter Milligan, artist Juan Jose Ryp.

After a one week delay, Eric Powell’s Albatross Funnybooks Namwolf #1 comes out. Fabian Rangel writes, Logan Faerber art.

Night Owl Society #1 (IDW); Story: Pius Bak, art: Bak Venhaus. Real Science Adventures #1; written by Brian Clevinger and art by Lo Baker.

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We think Big Moose One Shot may be the big guys first solo comic from Archie, ever. Moose did first appear in Archies Pal Jughead #1 in 1949. If you want to see more KEY Archie comics, head on over to our Archie Checklist right HERE. Big Moose One Shot written by Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady and Gorf. Art by Cory Smith and Thomas Pitilli.

Titan 1 Comics; New Humanz #1. Written by Taran Chadha and art by Ruben Rojas. Zomben #1; written by Mike Heneghan and art by Abel Cicero.
Underdog #1 (American Mythology). Writer Batton Lash, art by Batton Lash and Adrian Ropp.
Slasher #1 (Alternative Comics); Writer/artist Charles Forsman.
Silver Soldiers #1 (Antarctic Press); Writer/artist Art Greenhaw.

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