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This week, new comic book release day 10/18/17.

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Buy/Bid – Cable #150
Buy/Bid – Captain Phasma #4
Buy/Bid – Hulk #709
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Marvel’s new Legacy brand comes with a bevy of lenticular covers. Some of the covers leave a bit to be desired, while others will have a place within the comic collectors heart. Some may even have speculative implications. Case in point this week, A Rob Liefeld Cable #150 features the homage cover (paying homage to himself because he’s awesome like that) to New Mutants #87 (first Cable appearance). Not only will the cover create interest, but the talk of new characters and a NEW New Mutants team can give fans more of reason to buy this comic. The same can be said for the Spider-Gwen #25 lenticular cover. Eye candy, paying homage to Todd McFarlane’s Amazing Spider-Man #316 cover. Khary Randolph does the honors here to Todd. The Spider-Gwen #25 comic will be hot for other reasons too though. It’s the Gwenom craze that will help this comic sell out. It’s already trending (up-ticking) in the aftermarket.
Back in 2013, InvestComics spoke highly of Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk. We informed fans to get on top of these books because Mr. Pak has essentially created an entire new universe around the Hulk character. It’s seen then come to fruition as Planet Hulk plays a role in the new Thor Ragnarok movie. It also plays a role in returning this week in The Incredible Hulk #709…..written by GREG PAK. He’s the main reason the Hulk character is even a thought on any directors/producers mind and fans as well. Daredevil & Batman have Frank Miller, Conan has Roy Thomas, Spidey has McFarlane, Thor has Walt Simonson, Hulk has Greg Pak and on and on. It’s as simple as that. Greg Pak rewrites the Planet Hulk starting this week and comic fans should be delighted.
The end is nigh for Jane Foster? Find out the answer in The Mighty Thor #700, ‘Death of the Mighty Thor part 1’.
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The Black Panther movie will arrive in a little bit and fans will have Black Panther Prelude #1 to digest as part of the leading up to the movie. Creators Will Pilgrim and Annapaola Martello. You know what this prelude comic to the movie means right? It means that Will and Annapaola have either read the script or seen the movie already. That’s a sweet gig right there.
Comic fans get a good ol’ fashioned comic book fight this week; Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1. Writer Declan Shalvey and artist Mike Henderson. Ding-ding!
Journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi: Captain Phasma #4 will have our captain leading a new army against a new foe. All Marvel Star Wars comics are stellar. Nuff said.

Buy/Bid – Spider-Gwen #25
Buy/Bid – Black Panther Prelude #1
Buy/Bid – Deadpool v Logan #1
Buy/Bid – Maestros #1









InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
We informed our fans that The Realm #1 was sold out and you needed to grab a copy if need be. The Realm #2 comes out this week. Probably have to do the same here.
Maestros #1 from Image Comics. This story by Steve Skroce is being called a ‘masterpiece’ by writer Brian K. Vaughan. That’s some endorsement, no? Steve works the art as well alongside Dave Stewart.
Kid Lobotomy #1 (IDW Publishing). Creators; Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler.
John Wick #1 (Dynamite Entertainment). Our favorite Hulk writer Greg Pak on this one. Giovanni Valletta illustrates.
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It was great to see the guys (and gal) from the Scout Comics booth doing their thing at the NYCC 2017 this past weekend. Their booth was full of fans buying up their product off of the long line of various comics to choose from. This week Scout Comics releases InferNoct #1. The Eli Powell variant is already sold out. Scout Comics publishing have a knack of their new release comics selling out. That’s what happens when you put together a good product. Creators on this comic; Mina Elwell (awesome meeting her at NYCC) and Eli Powell.
The Apocalypse Girl #1 (Amigo Comics). Creators El Torres and Ramiro Borrallo.

Buy/Bid – Realm #2
Buy/Bid – John Wick #1
Buy/Bid – InferNoct #1
Buy/Bid – Kid Lobotomy #1
Buy/Bid – Apocalypse Girl #1








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