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So seen any good movies lately? More on that in a week or so don’t want to spoil anything for those of you that have yet to see “it”. That said InvestComics has been calling “it” for about 5 years now. That’s what we do here, we say it, create it, and everyone else steals it!

Have you seen the latest InvestComics video comic book review show? It’s NOT for the faint of heart, there is a severe warning label that will be attached to each of these episodes. The show is called Booze, cooze and reviews; hosted by Amber. The basic premise of this hilarious take on comic book reviews is quite simple. Drink, drink, get annihilated, and review comics. The outcome is quite funny, the reviews are great and the video editing from Kristine is quite fun as well. There is a big warning label as far as language goes, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH/LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE EASLY OFFENDED. Go to the InvestComics You tube channel and check out the episode. OR click right HERE. If you’re looking for a “softer” side of comic reviews, FFFIC Episode number 43 is available too this week. Fantastic reviews as always from Shaun and Sebastian. Check out latest FFFIC right HERE.

And yes…..MORE InvestComics Hot Picks Chicks coming soon!

This week an Icon within the industry makes a return with the debut of Trio #1. IDW Publishing has nabbed John Byrne to lead the way with a new team. They are Rock, Paper and Scissors. Wow really? Okay let’s get beyond that for now. This doesn’t need to be said really, but we’ll say it anyway. John Byrne at one time was THE go to guy in the comic book industry. He was the one everyone was clamoring for. The big cheese if you will. Think McFarlane, Lee, Perez and you pretty much have an idea of how big Byrne was.





So where did it begin for our Iconic UK born penciler? Here’s the quick version. It began way back in 1973 with a little comic he did in college called ACA Comix #1. While a very nice collector’s item to own, it doesn’t account as his first published work. His first printed work would come in 1974 in Marvel’s giveaway called FOOM!, Issue number five to be precise. Later that same year, he did a 2 page story in Nightmare #20. His first color work was in Charlton Comics’ Eman #6. One year later John Byrne found himself within the clutches of the house of Ideas (no no, not InvestComics! The OTHER house of Ideas Marvel Comics.). Giant Size Dracula #5 was John’s first Marvel work. A backup story of course, but the rest is history folks! X-Men, Hulk, She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, Superman, Alpha Flight, Next-Men, all have the distinct indelible mark left from the legend known as John Byrne.

Moving from one legend to another, George Perez works his artistry on the cover of The New Teen Titans #21 (1982). This comic features the debut of a 16 page comic called Night Force. It also debuts the character Donovan Caine. He’s going to be making his first appearance in the new 52 in Night Force #3 this week.

A future legend Michael Bendis (which many may disagree about the legend status, but this is not a debate column, fight amongst yourselves!) has a new number one comic debuting this week. Takio #1 is aimed at the younger crowds. Lots of little tikes books coming out these days from both Marvel and DC. Check out the debut of Bendis’ (and Oemings’) Takio from the self titled original graphic novel from 2011.

Ultimate Comics The Ulimates #10 features a new creative team. Writer Sam Humphries is a part of the new team and one of his first works was from a free comic book day book called Mouse Guard (Archaia Comics).

Wolverine #306 marks the comeback of Dr. Rot. Where oh where have you been Dr. Rot? Doc first started his practice in Wolverine Weapon X #6.

DC’s Superboy #9 has a debut of an all new Warblade. Warblade first appeared in Image Comics Wildcats #1.

A couple of number one issues you should check out this week, IDW’s Night of 1,000 Wolves #1 and DC’s Vertigo Mystery Space #1.

….….and what’s up with Marvel’s solicit for Uncanny X-Force #25? “Landmark 25th issue”……Landmark? Really? That’s almost as bad as Rock, Paper and Scissors.

Scroll through the covers of the week below.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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11 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks 5-9-12

  1. I woulda thought Bendis would already be considered Legend status. And I look forward to checking out the new review show!

  2. No, It’s the “all new” Warblade. First appeared a while back. Solict says – “The shocking debut of the all-new WARBLADE!” If it was an intro, it would have read differently.

    1. Don’t care WHAT it says…the All new WARBLADE, was in TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1 last week. They even had the DC ALL ACCESS bonus features with Jim Lee’s new desings and everything.

      So, don’t believe everything you read, my friend!


  3.…/wildstorm-watch-two-more-names-joining-the-dc…Feb 13, 2012 – It seems like this happens every month now, but DC dropped their… A.T. in the new DCU, Warblade is primed to debut in Superboy #9. …

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