Amazing Spider-Man Checklist #2

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The Amazing Spider-Man Checklist Part 2.

How about some other Spider-Man (non titled) comics! There are plenty of others, but here are just a few.


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Secret Wars #8 – The Mecca of all Spidey costumes (villain seed) comics right here folks! Quite simple here, a measly $20 owns you a piece of Spidey history.

Marvel Fanfare #1 – Paul Smith’s first work.

Superman vs. Spider-Man #1 – With ego’s abound, this will probably be the last time we ever see these two Iconic characters in a “VS.” comic book. The best $50 you will spend in quite some time.

What If? #1 – Flat out fun comics featuring the alternate Marvel Universe.

Avengers #3 – Spider-Man has been an Avenger. This is the first time in an Avengers comic. WAY back.

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Civil War #3 – Cover candy from the late great Michael Turner.

X-Force #16 – More cover candy, this time in an all sideways issue. Cover from Todd “Spidey” McFarlane.

Action Comics #643 – Want Spider-Man in the DC Universe? No problem, put him on a t-shirt of a civilian.

Invasion #2 – Want more DC Spider-Man? How about he appears in this comic! Find him if you can! Oh yes, what a coincidence… by Todd McFarlane!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8 – Dark Horse pays homage to Spidey. Look around, you’ll see it!

And finally….

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1 –  The new Spider-Man is hinting at Peter’s parents having a lot to do with Peter’s past, look no further than this comic right here. Peter’s parents Richard and Mary worked for Nick Fury, yes that’s right….S.H.I.E.L.D. Let’s see if the movie even goes there. If they do, this comic was the culprit of that storyline.


There’s a Batman movie coming, right? Oh yes and a new Superman movie too. Hmmm…….


Invest wisely. Read Spidey.

Jay Katz

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