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InvestComics Hot Picks – Top 5 New Comic Picks #8

From: InvestComics Hot Picks #369

Every Tuesday/Wednesday! Here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday’s new comic book day.

From this past Sunday’s InvestComics Hot Picks #369


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Batman #40 – The Endgame story line comes to a climatic conclusion. The last issue of this run is completely sold out. The regular cover and variants are no longer available at Diamond. The two variants are fantastic; the Andy Kubert and the Mask movie variant.Silk_3_InvestComics

Silk #3 – The Black Cat vs. Silk! The variant is sold out. Watch for books like this one to command some extra units once the Silk character hits it bigger. The Black Cat is already slated to appear in a Spidey movie eventually, maybe Silk too? Never know….

Princess Leia #3 – As explained on InvestComics quite often these past few months. Any new Star Wars comic holds the potential of explosion or possible long term investment. A first appearance may happen at any time and the speculation fever will hit. Maybe that first appearance will come to fruition. Maybe that first appearance will become a bigger story within the Marvel Universe. Maybe a cartoon appearance? Maybe none of this. Either way, you’re getting some good Star Wars stories to read!

Fantastic Four #645 – The last issue of Fantastic Four ever. That’s until the Mouse is not any anymore.

Mayday #1 – An odd offering from Black Mask Comics. A daring story line about Hollywood may have this comic fly under the radar.

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