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InvestComics Hot Picks – Toys & Merchandise #2


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Nice assortment of merchandise coming this Wednesday.

Click any RED link or image in this article to bid/buy it now on Ebay.

If you’re a coffee drinker or a hot cocoa drinker, then you need to have this super cool Carnage mug. Marvel Heroes Full Character Molded Mug Carnage mug is unbelievably awesome. There is only one available on Ebay right now if you want to grab it. That’s if your local shop didn’t get any in of course, but this mug….wow.


A new Batman Black & White Series Original Mini Statue By Dave Johnson hits this Wednesday. A gorgeous statue for any Batman collector. Hard to find any on Ebay right now, so click the link and check out what is available as far as the Batman statues go. It may show up in there soon.

Two cool statues coming out of the CW television shows. Arrow statue from Gentle Giant. Check it out, very nice detail here and only a little over a hundred bucks. Also Flash TV Action Figure. Sadly, there are no Flash figures currently on Ebay.

Batman_InvestComicsArrow_InvestComicsRocket Raccoon gets the full size treatment from NECA. A 3 footer that will set you back about $325. That’s pretty good for a raccoon you don’t have to feed or worry about tearing up your home.

Funko will release a the Vinyl Vixen Harley Quinn Vinyl Figure. Awesome looking figure here.

Walking Dead gets another Minimates treatment. Check out the Walking Dead Minimates Series 7 Assortment Case.

Also from Minimates; Marvel Minimates Series 61 Avengers Age Of Ultron Movie Assortment Case.


See you next week.

Carpe Diem.

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