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InvestComics Hot Picks 366:

New Release Comics on 4/18/15 (And back issues)


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DC comics will run the table this week. Convergence is here and boy is it a biggie for DC readers. It will bring back the old, the way things were back oh so long ago. This July will make the New 52 a whopping 4 years old. So what to do after ALL of those years of making a new universe and never looking back? Bring back the old universe for a little while! Of course this is all dripping with sarcasm but all in fun here.

DC’s Convergence will probably make some noise at the comic shop registers, but what about the speculators? First off and very important here, the readers are in for a huge treat. Bringing back everything and making it all one big fat hunk of DC meat is pretty awesome. Readers are going to absolutely love this. This will not be as confusing as Multiverse in the least bit, so don’t shy away. Buy the series and follow the stories. A lot of fun here. Fun for the speculator will be within the back issues of DC’s first run of Convergence stories. Here’s why and how……

Besides the obvious flip of a hot signed/graded variant, if a character from the past makes their mark (or for the first time) in the Convergence story, you’ll have their first appearance because InvestComics told you about it. For example; Convergence Batgirl #1 will feature Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. Stephanie Brown (and as Spoiler) first appeared in Detective Comics #647 back in 1992. This comic on Ebay can be snatched up for $12 in some cases. If you don’t click that RED link you’re probably going to pay more in a few days. Stephanie Brown then went on to first appear as Batgirl (post crisis) in Robin #126 in 2004. There is a NM copy right now available for $5.99. Click the RED link, you know the drill. And then finally there is the solo Stephanie Brown Batgirl comic; Batgirl #1 (2009). At 99 cents on Ebay right now, yeah how can you go wrong here?

Batgirl_1_InvestComics Convergence_1_InvestComics (2) Robin_126_InvestComics

Convergence Question #1 will feature Renee Montoya as The Question. Renee Montoya first appeared in Batman #475 (1992). This book is in the $10-$15 range right now. Then Renee first appeared as The Question in 52 #48 (2007). These are offered at $3 a piece. And not that many on Ebay right now.

A pregnant Lois Lane will be in Convergence Superman #1. Over the many years of Superman comics and Lois/Clark having a ton of children (adopted, aliens, grown, and theirs) appear in the comics, there is only one cover we see Lois Lane actually carrying a child as a pregnant woman. Check out the cover to JLA Created Equal #1 from the year 2000. This is the only cover Lois Lane has ever appeared on where she is pregnant. What does this mean really for the speculator? Absolutely nothing, but still a neat nugget to know and to have in your collection as a conversation piece. It’s only a dollar on Ebay right now.

How about getting that New Teen Titans #16 (1982) comic InvestComics mentioned in the InvestComics Hot Picks #333 in August of 2014. Check out the cut out of what was said in that article.

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From InvestComics Hot Picks #333 (August 2014)

So let start that movement shall we? Convergence Harley Quinn #1 will feature Captain Carrot and Convergence Speed Force #1 will feature a character from the Zoo Crew. The New Teen Titans #16 is the first appearance of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew. It’s a very affordable comic at the moment. No telling if the InvestComics Legion of fans will move the needle on this one. Here’s the things guys/gals, Marvel Comics has rejuvenated Howard The Duck, so DC Comics will be going with their bunny Captain Carrot. See how this works? Buy this first appearance, nothing to lose. No real down side here. Maybe a flat line, but an uptick can occur if DC pursues the rabbit for bigger and better things down the road. You never know.

….Speaking of a bunny. Convergence #1 has a sold out variant. The variant cover features the new Batman on the cover by Greg Capullo. Good luck buying this variant for under $99. A good quick flip if you score a high grade along with a signature(s) by Greg and the other creators on the book. This is currently the only sold out Convergence comic right now.

The rest of the Convergence titles to check out this week; Convergence Justice League #1, Convergence Nightwing Oracle #1, Convergence Titans #1, Convergence Batman and Robin #1 and Convergence Atom #1.

Some sold out comics to talk about. Please remember (as we have stated numerous times), sold out comics DO NOT equate to automatic money. Merely a heads up to speculators to determine if the value is worth the time to equate to more money. Lots of sold out comics never amount to anything. Do not determine your portfolio on buying sold out modern comic books, you will in fact lose money. With that said, here are some sold out books…..

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52_48_InvestComics Batman_475_InvestComics Convergence_1_InvestComics (7) Detective_Comics_647_InvestComics

Marvel killed Wolverine and they are out for more blood. This time they will be offing Deadpool in Deadpool #45. No worries, he’ll be back. But for now he’s going to be taking a dirt nap. The Skottie Young ($60) and Tony Moore ($125) variants are sold out. And a sold out “3000 copies” available Amazing Spider-Man #300 homage cover.

Howard The Duck #2 features a “bling” variant with the Duck and a Raccoon on its cover. A sold out variant that is a nice novelty item. No long term upside here, unless these two wind up doing a team up movie. Only one on Ebay at the current moment at $76.

James Patterson writes big boy books with no pictures. He’s a worldwide best selling author and Max Ride First Flight #1 will be based on a best selling novel. Probably a good bet to check out this comic. The Dustin Nguyen variant is sold out. Here’s a way to get a nice book in your collection and increase the value of your $10 sold out variant. Get Dustin Nguyen and James Patterson to sign your book. Of course a witness and high grade will help too!

Back in 1989 Guns N’ Roses made their comic book debut in Rock N’ Roll Comics #1. While it was a hot book back then, even a hot series actually, it was a dollar short and a day late. The comics featured a ton on great 80 rock hair bands as their featured stories. So what is the problem you ask? Well the first Rock N’ Rock comic came out in 1989 as the hair band sound/scene was dropping off. In the very early 90’s some band by the name of Nirvana changed the entire complexity of the rock scene. No more hair bands! Rock N Roll comics continued to put out comics on Poison, Queensryche, Kiss just to name a few. Those were the days though! Speed to the year 2015. Some of those 80’s bands withstood the test of time and made sure they stuck around and remained relevant. Metallica, Bon Jovi and Ozzy are just a few. Slayer is also one of those bands that made their relevancy past the new millennium. This Wednesday Rock and Roll Biographies Slayer #1 will debut. An all new rock n roll comic. A sold out regular cover and variant here. There are so many bands cramped up inside this comic, it’s a wonder how Acme Press pulled this off. So want a real challenge? A one of a kind comic? Get Judas Priest, Testament, Green Day, Slipknot, Social Distortion, NOFX, Exodus, Primus and Faith No More to sign the comic. The REAL challenge isn’t getting these great bands to sign your book, the REAL challenge is getting a high grade on the book when you get it graded! Almost near impossible really. Does beer on a cover take down a grade?

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Convergence_1_InvestComics (4) Convergence_1_InvestComics (8) New_Teen_Titans_16_InvestComics

Okay no more talk on the sold out books, let’s talk Aspen Comics. Yes a rare appearance by Aspen here on the InvestComics Hot Picks. Not one, but two Aspen comics to check out this week. Four Points #1 is an all female team written by Scott Lobdell. And the other Aspen comic is Lola XOXO #1. Lola first appeared in the free comic book day; Worlds of Aspen 2014. With all of the strong female leads these days from the big two, it’s important to point out other leading ladies from the other companies too. Never know too, maybe another Tomb Raider type character can emerge and get to kicking some as* on the big screen one day. Never know! Either way, these comics look like an enjoyable read.

Image Comics has a lot to offer up this week. Savior #1 has Todd McFarlane on writing duties. He’s not penciling here, just writing. Even if he was penciling, doesn’t really mean much in the speculative world (see Haunt). Here’s the thing with Todd. He’s a legend, but a legend on two characters. For the newbie’s reading, those two characters are Spider-Man and Spawn. Not to diminish anything Todd has done, he’s an amazing artist. Very awesome. Just simply pointing out that most fans really want to see Todd work his magic on those two characters the most. Whenever Todd does do something new, fans go bonkers at first and then the dust settles. Fans go bonkers when he draws, not writes. Therein lies the issue with Savior #1. Not saying it won’t be a good book, but fans want to see Todd draw. That’s what he does best. He’s come a long way since writing the Spider-Man books (15 total) for Marvel all those years ago. 25 years ago to be exact. Wow time flies! So what to do about Savior #1 you ask? Very simple, buy it, read it and enjoy it. Maybe it’ll hit, maybe it won’t. It all really depends if this story strikes a chord and creates a buzz. It’s really a wait and see with Savior #1 as far as the speculative market is concerned.

Convergence_1_InvestComics (9) Deadpool_250_Young_InvestComics Howard_the_Duck_2_InvestComics JLA_Created_Equal_1_InvestComics

Two Image Comics series come back into the fold this week with an all new story to tell. The popular Jupiter’s Legacy from 2013 makes its return this Wednesday with Jupiter’s Circle #1. Mark Millar returns as writer, as artist Frank Quitely will be doing only the cover this time around. Enter artist Wilfredo Torres. Wilfredo’s earliest work (first work?) is in Salem: Queen of Thorns #0 (Boom Studios). The other Image Comic returning this Wednesday is Legacy of Luther Strode #1. The original creative team from 2011’s The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is back. The 2011 Luther Strode was very well received. Surprised its taken so long to get another Strode story going.

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Also from Image this week are two followups to hot number one comics. Lets see what Descender #2 will bring after the sold out number one hit. And let’s see what Southern Cross #2 is able to do as well. Fans are really digging both of these series right now.

InvestComics gave readers/speculators a heads up on Astronaut Ink’s New Zodiax #1. This week New Zodiax #2 hits. A well received number one issue and probably a well received number two issue coming up.

Darth Vader #4 features the revenge of the Battle Droids. What does this mean exactly? Only one way to find out. Ant-Man #4 might feature a debut as well. Only one way to find out!

Darth_Vader_4_InvestComics New_Zodiax_2_InvestComicsDeadpool_250_InvestComics Max_Ride_1_InvestComics


Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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