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InvestComics interviews Colorist Jeff Balke…..

The last time we left Jeff Balke (in our first interview back in October of 2012 on InvestComics) he was a traveling man, traveling across the country to various shows to many adoring fans. If you’d like to read that interview click right HERE! He was quite a busy man back then and these days there seems to be no slowing down for the Balkenator! Let’s see what Jeff is up to these days.

Jeff Balke and his team

Art: Joe Romano – Colors: Jeff Balke

InvestComics: You mentioned in our last interview that you were traveling via an automobile to all of the conventions you are appearing in, are you still getting around from show to show this way?
Jeff Balke: Yeah for the most part.  This past year (2013) we had traveled EVERYWHERE with our car.  Even to San Diego, Portland and Seattle.  And let me tell you, our car took a beating with the NorthWest!  Mainly because of all the mountains.
But for 2014, we are going to be flying to a couple of shows including a couple in Canada.

Jeff BalkeIC: Tell us one of your most memorable road trip stories. We’re quite sure there are many, but share one that is family friendly.
JB: I don’t know if there really is!  But not really…some had more exciting things to look at than!

IC: So how many shows would you say you frequent a year?
JB:  This past year, 31.  But I average 27 a year…and it looks like next year is going to be about the same at this year.

IC: You must have met some incredible fans over the years. Is there a particular moment that remains the most memorable for you? What about media talent, is there a moment there too?
JB:  Ive had a lot of awesome moments..but one that I can remember was the first time I had a girl and mom cry at my table (but in a good
To make a long story short, the entire weekend at the Wizard World Chicago show, a mom and her daughter kept coming up to my table in artist alley checking out the prints and the books I’ve worked on.  Sunday, the last day of the show, they came back up, looked around again, we all talked for a few mins, then were just about to leave..and the daughter picked out a couple of prints she really wanted.  The mom said no, because they didn’t have enough.  So I told the daughter (she was about 14-15ish) to show me which ones she liked, and which book(s) her  mom liked.
She showed me what they liked, and I gave them everything they were looking at.  Why?  Because I wanted too.
The daughter started crying..wanted a picture with me, and the mom started tearing up and also took a picture with me.
That is a moment I will NEVER forget.

For media talent, Ron Pearlman liked the Hellboy pic I colored and Chris Sarandon, who I met at my first Canadian show this year, loved the Nightmare Before Christmas print I colored. He liked!  More grown up!

Get BalkedIC: When fans see you at your shows, you always have the coolest items for sale. What new merchandise do you have going on these days at the Balke table? Anything coming up?
JB: OH, I have a TON of new things coming up for 2014!  Including some NEW 3D prints and convention exclusives for ONLY $2 each!!  AAWW YEAH!!  You read that right!  All the other stuff, you’ll have to come to the shows and check them all out 😉

IC: The last time we spoke, you were working on a lot of things for Zenescope Entertainment. Are you still working with them and what else have you worked on lately that fans should check out?
JB: I’m still working freelance with Zenescope, but as of lately, I’ve just started working on my own projects which will be released in Feb., but next month we have a preview coming out of our first series from our own publishing company.

IC: Speaking on you’re on publishing company, on your Facebook page you mention that you are working on stories and looking for an artist. Can you give some details on this?
JB: I’m not going to go into a ton of detail as of yet, but what I can tell you is..the rumors are true.  I’ve stated my own publishing company where our first book from our first series is coming out in Feb, but have a preview coming out next month of that series.  So far we are written up to issue 6 and have the first issue done, and currently working on the 2nd.  The artists we have working on the books, are people who have NEVER worked in the industry before.  And I can tell ya, the 2 cover artists and interior artists we have are ROCKING it!!  And our writer..WOW, he’s taking the series to the next level!

IC: Can you tell us what genre your first book will be? Will it be Superhero related?
JB: I can say very comfortably, that is will not be a superhero!  This is more along the lines of the supernatural/myth type of series.  There will be good and bad guys..but no one making!

IC: Will you be doing any of the coloring on your books? Fans really dig your coloring Jeff!
JB: Awww…thank you.  Actually yes.  The first few issues will be my coloring on the interiors..and some of the covers.

IC: When can fans expect to see a teaser or a sample of your publication gig?
JB: Well for sure, in Jan, we’re releasing a preview of our first series.  AND of course on my Fan Page in FaceBook (JbalkesCOLORS), I’m going to be posting a couple of smaller teasers and leading up to Jan.
AND, I’ll also be releasing who our artists are and the name of the book later this month.

IC: Can you give the InvestComics fans an exclusive regarding your publication gig?
JB: I had just sent you a picture of one of our variant covers.  This is our “Art Gallery” variant.

Jeff Balke Teaser

InvestComics Exclusive! Jeff Balke Publications Variant! Art by Adam Dresden 

IC: Fans should still check out the JbalkesCOLORS Facebook page to be up to date on everything Balke. Anyplace else you’d like us to visit?
JB: The Fan Page is best, but you can always check out my website too: now also has my 2014 GET BALKED TOUR poster!

IC: Thanks for giving us some of your valuable time Jeff. Be safe driving!!
JB: Thanks IC!  I really appreciate it.  And I’m looking forward to seeing you soon at a show =D

Get Balked 2014 Tour Poster

 “Get Balked” Tour Poster 2014

Ghost Rider

 Ghost Rider – Art: Cory Smith – Colors: Jeff Balke


Quinn – Art: Rick Bascaldua – Colors: Jeff Balke

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