InvestComics Newsletter – May 2013

 InvestComics Newsletter – May 2013

The-Dawning-COVER-1-jpegWelcome to the May InvestComics Newsletter. Spring is upon us as the summer months quickly approach. Summertime means fun, sun, beach, concerts, barbeques, and the first issue of the new InvestComics Publications. Yes that’s right fans, not only will your summer be filled with all the aforementioned, but you’re first crack at owning the historic first issue release from InvestComics Publications. “The Dawning #1” by David Whalen will hit next month and in this newsletter is the number one issue cover! Bask in its glory, we sure are!

The InvestComics website has a new writer on board; Terry Hoknes. Terry is the author of “Investing In Comic Books.” He will be filling up the new article section titled “Comic Market & Stats.” Terry is going to bring articles with the most comprehensive comic book stat list you will find on the internet. We guarantee it. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these articles already posted on InvestComics (Click on the title to jump to the article) “The Walking Dead – Complete Print Run History”, “Best Selling Comic Books of this Decade”, and “Best Selling Non-Super Hero Comics of April 2013.” Yes these are a comic book collectors dream to have such an extensive list broken down like this. We all look forward to these fantastic articles and stats.

A new tab went up on the top of the InvestComics web page recently; it’s called “Conventions.” InvestComics has visited many shows over the years and it only made sense to have a separate section all to its own. For many years the convention articles, photos, and videos were scattered throughout the site. Now it’s all contained in one area. The section is far from done, more to be added, but it IC-Conventions2has filled up nicely so far, so go check it out.

InvestComics Media is building an exclusive video catalog on BlipTV. Be sure to see many videos you will not find on Youtube or anywhere else. Click right HERE to check things out. Included within those exclusive videos will be the new contest that involves Walking Dead. An autograph from Michael Koske; a Featured walker on the show. Stay tuned for that!

The latest Comic Broker’s Report from Topher Seal went up on InvestComics. Check out the Comic Broker’s Report May 2013 right HERE.

Be sure to check out the weekly video review show FFFIC with Sebastian Piccione & Shaun Sorenson as well as the best podcast on the internet; Breaking the 4th Wall with Shaun Cobble, Kirstie Cobble, Jason Craycroft, and Shuan Sorenson. Recently, InvestComics got a hold of Premiere Grader Paul Litch of CGC to be interviewed on BT4W. Fantastic interview done by Shaun Cobble, check that out right HERE.

InvestComics has a vast hub of social media outlets, but the one place to find out about news/articles/contest/videos and so much more is the InvestComics Facebook page. Go right HERE to join the fans and talk things up. Speaking of talking things up, be sure to drop comments on the InvestComics website comment section below every article too.

Bob Heske of Heske Horror, graphic novels, screenwriter, and longtime contributor to the IndieCreator column here at InvestComics has a movie that will be coming out called; Blessid. Bob says the movie is coming along and we will see it soon. To get updates on the film, fans should LIKE the Facebook page Blessid the Movie; click right HERE to that. There will be a new IndieCreator column coming up shortly, so be on the lookout for that too.

InvestComics has a couple of conventions scheduled. So far Miami SuperCon and New York Comic Con. And as always, we will bring you all some goodies (contest) back as well as some interviews, and photos.

See you next month.

Jay Katz – CEO
InvestComics/InvestComics Publications

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