InvestComics Teams With Twitch Host CSSULLY

InvestComics has teamed up with Sully on his hit Twitch channel CSSULLY

Every Wednesday InvestComics/Trending Pop Culture will be featured on a segment called “Whats-It-Worth Wednesday”.

West Palm Beach, Florida

(West Palm Beach, Florida; April 4, 2021) – The InvestComics team has struck a deal to be featured on the wildly popular Twitch channel every Wednesday; CSSULLY. Below is the first episode InvestComics/Trending Pop Culture was featured on. (Please note: this video may not play for you unless you subscribe to the CSSULLY channel. We implore you to do so, as a fan of all things gaming, Funko, comic books, giveaways, contests, nerd banter, these shows are fun and exciting.) 

“The InvestComics team first met Sully many years ago online and were teamed with him and Steve from the podcast NerdFu,” says Jay Katz CEO, founder of InvestComics. “…..and then we met up with Sully in person many years later at New York Comic Con at the Funko booth, where he ran the entire booth basically as a marketing guru, and it was a pleasure to finally meet face to face!” Jay continues, “Now to team-up on Sully’s newer ride is super exciting because his Twitch show is absolutely amazing. Super energy and we’re excited to be a fan too.”

InvestComics/Trending Pop Culture will appear every Wednesday on a segment called Whats-It-Worth Wednesday. The regular Wednesday showing showcases various Funko Pop’s Sully has collected over the years, seeks out the current “recommended value”, then scans for their “real value” through looking up the last sales on eBay on a LIVE show. The transparency here is 100 percent authentic as some POPS come back a dud (sales) and some come back as super valued (sales). As Sully says, “The value of a collector’s piece is only worth what someone is willing to pay.”
InvestComics/Trending Pop Culture being the first comic speculation internet site ever, with tremendous recommendations that Sully himself bought into for years, “He knows our history, our brand, so he trusts us. He knows we’re not the easy flip market of today, we’re the true pioneers of actual collecting comics,” Jay continues. “The CSSULLY team is more than happy to feature the brand because of their REAL history, this isn’t an experiment, and we know how dedicated Sully is to delivering a great brand, so that’s why we wanted to team with him, again.”

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