InvestComics Creates World’s First Original NFT/GIF Comic Book Series

The world’s first NFT full-length original comic book series debuts from InvestComics. In GIF format.

From the first and longest-running comic book speculation site, InvestComics, providing the world’s first full-length original comic book series in GIF format.
InvestComics #1 (1 of 4).

West Palm Beach, Florida

(West Palm Beach, Florida; April 2, 2021) – Speculative entertainment comic book and information website InvestComics has announced they have created the full comic book story in NFT/GIF format and will release it immediately for sale on the NFT platform; OpenSea. If you are interested in bidding on this first-ever collector’s piece, click this LINK.

“InvestComics was and still are the innovators in bringing the comic book speculation sites to the internet/forefront,” says Jay Katz, CEO, and Founder of InvestComics. “The market has changed over the years and we have always shifted according to the realistic market, and not the erratic one. Becoming more of an education tool and now riding the technology side. The InvestComics platform has always given collectors the tools to make concise/educated collector investments. Now there is another way of making collector investments and we will provide this content. Here we are breaking ground once again becoming the first original NFT/GIF comic book series, it’s an exciting time, an exciting future ahead.”

The InvestComics magazine debut in 2003. The magazine source material was then carried over to the website in 2005 where it has blossomed into a larger audience. “We were the only speculative site to have the legendary Mr. Stan Lee endorse us,” Jay continues, “Now it’s time to have Mr. Elon Musk do the same.”

“Technology is ever-changing, and embracing it means you’ll be on the right side of things,” says Jay Katz. “There is always a learning curve, and NFT’s are definitely an ever-learning experience. When Rafael Rosario pitched the idea to begin the NFT comic process, I took the ball and ran with it. I believe we have created something special here.”

The main objective for the new venture, according to Jay Katz, “…is to provide quality NFT content within the comic book genre, create NFT’s that are unique in the sense they have their own story, visually appealing, and are one of a kind collector’s pieces.” Jay continues, “We have plans to continue to create in this marketplace, build a new layer within the InvestComics brand, evolve with the technology, embrace it. So, stay tuned for more and check out InvestComics #1!”

Bid right now on this historic piece right here on OpenSea

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