InvestComics™ TV Web Site Debuts!

ICTV_OFFICIAL_LOGOOnce more unto the breach, dear friends….


Once more unto the breach, dear friends





With the continued success of investComics™, we now set our course to a new venture. Welcome the first new InvestComics™ web site spin off; InvestComics™ TV. The new web site can be found at OR by simply visiting your favorite InvestComics™ web site and clicking on the InvestComics™ TV tab.

ICTV has been in the works for over a year now, and its new web site now solidifies a key spot within the comic book world as the most innovative, NEW, and FIRST time the comic book industry has ever seen interviews conducted this way. ICTV will continue to bring the viewers some of the most world renowned creators in the industry as well as many that are just starting out. InvestComics™ TV will also interview everyone from within the comic book realm, NOT just creators. This means, auctions houses, Collectors Insurance houses, distributors, publishing companies, store owners, and the list goes on. ICTV will also interview creators from within the Entertainment industry as well! We will not stop at JUST comic’s folks!

Christopher Moshier implemented the New web site.

Christopher Moshier runs the fan film enthusiast website suitably called the Fan Film Follies ( as well as creates his own concepts with his team of incredible talents through their Making Comics Studios ( Come February 1st of this year Christopher will be officially opening My Media Helper ( The

website will offer services that cater to individuals and small businesses that need media solutions on a smaller budget.

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