Jim Lee’s Variant Cover for American Vampire #1

Vertigo has released a preview of Jim Lee’s variant cover for the upcoming American Vampire #1 by Stephen King.

From the Vertigo Blog:

“One of the unique challenges of contributing a cover to a brand
spanking new series with original, never seen before characters is
obviously not knowing who the characters are: how they act, the way
they hold themselves, the forces that shaped their personal histories.
Luckily for me, American Vampire’s artist-Rafael Albuquerque-made it a
non-issue. From just a single illustration, I could see the world he
was creating, and it made drawing Pearl and Skinner for this alternate
cover both a breeze and a hella lot of fun. The drawings are that good."

Jim Lee Variant Cover American Vampire #1 by Stephen King
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Posted originally: 2010-02-22 22:00:35

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