Marvel Retailer Resource Center Continues To Grow’s Better Than Ever!



The Marvel Retailer Resource Center continues to be a major hit amongst retailers and fans!

Six months ago, the
Marvel Retailer
Resource Center
( was
launched to help retailers, fans, and potential new customers across the
country.  It was designed to provide retailers the most up-to-date info,
maps, and previews so that every store across the country could have their own
website.  In today’s digital world, it helps to have the most
information possible at your fingertips, and now comic book fans can- thanks to
the Marvel
Retailer Resource
Center !  Created to
help retailers who either don’t have their own sites or spend time every
single week updating their websites themselves, the MRRC now helps fans and
stores alike by doing that work for them.  And just when it seemed it
couldn’t get any better, it did!


The MRRC relaunch occurred
three weeks ago and retailers and fans everywhere have noticed the difference.
 In addition to offering Firsts Looks and the MRRC forums to retailers,
the new design and the updated marketing tools are so easy to use that
membership has nearly TRIPLED in the past three weeks!  Now, stores that
never had websites before are able to offer more to their existing customers
and many have even had new customers find them over the web.   


Chris Powell of Lone Star Comics (,
says, “The changes to the MRRC, particularly the
integration of the Marvel Digital Comics reader, have been very positive.
 The new reader makes the preview comics much easier to read, enabling our
employees to be informed about the goings-on in the books when they open on
Wednesday morning, so they’re ready to make intelligent recommendations to our
customers.  The improvements to the mini-sites were welcome, too, and have
addressed many of the requests we made.”


Does YOUR retailer have a website?  Be sure to ask your retailer
if they have joined the MRRC and check out their websites for info on all your
favorite comics, upcoming events, and more!


RETAILERS: check your weekly Marvel Mailer for how to subscribe!


Marvel Retailer Resource Center


Source: Press Release

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Posted originally: 2010-02-22 21:23:05

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