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Jimmy Palmiotti sends InvestComics his answers to the Newest column 10 For The Pros!

10 For The Pros


Jimmy Palmiotti  – Writer/Artist/Inker/Colorist



• 1997 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Nominee – Best Inker: (for Ash [Event] and Vampirella Lives [Harris])

• 1999 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Nominee – Best Cover Artist: (for Daredevil [Marvel], Painkiller Jane/DarkChylde and Painkiller Jane/Hellboy [Event])


1. What are you working on (creatively) right now?

Splatterman for image comics, Powergirl and Jonah Hex for DC and Time bomb for Radical comics, also doing something connected to the Repo men movie.


2. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

To be invisible at will. Flying is nice, but being able to disappear and be a fly on the wall someplace is really a cool concept.


10forprosjimmypalmiotti6.gif3. Do you have a routine that you follow before or during work?

Before work each morning, I eat breakfast and dig in. I usually put on music and clean off my desk as well.


4. Who is your favorite creator to work with?

I have two. Amanda Conner and Justin Gray.


5. In your opinion, do you feel that the movie industry is
doing a good job with the Comic Book movies?

Sure…I think they are looking better than i imagined they could make them look.


6. What comic book hero/villain do you want to see on screen?

Painkiller Jane, Ash, the Monolith, Splatterman, The resistance, the Pro…yes, all the ones co created by me.


7. Which part of your job do you find most stressful?

Dealing with idiots, they are all over.


10forprosjimmypalmiotti5.gif8. What does the future hold for Jimmy Palmiotti?

Love, happiness and more work.


9. “My best Investment in life was…….”

Learning that it’s all no big deal and to have fun, that and buying original comic book art.


10. Have anything you’d like to plug?

Salma Hayek and Natalie Portman come to mind…other than that, just the current titles.


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