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 Superman #419 from 1972 leads the way this week on Hot Picks. Find out why with a click of the mouse. 

action_comics419.gifNow the Hot Picks 2-10-10

humantarget1.gifAn extremely small week as far as Hot Picks go, but a nice pick up in this week’s hunt if you feel up to it! Human Target #1 comes out this week with a possible hit television show behind it. Check out Action Comics #419 from 1972 for his first appearance. This comic is a very affordable $20 right now and will show moderate gains IF the television series starts taking off. A 1972 first appearance of a character in a Superman comic that NOW has a television series for only $20 is a steal. No longer flying under the radar is this book! And look at that cover too! A Neal Adams beauty with what looks like a New York City photo backdrop. This has to go down as one of the top 5 best Superman covers ever.
Sticking with the “Super” theme, Black Lantern Superboy will be
adventurecomics7.gifchoker1.gifstaring in the TOP SECRET Adventure Comics #7 this week. Look for this “undisclosed” comic to sell out quickly. Black Lantern pounds and pounds on!
Image Comics comes at comic book fans with 2 number one issues this week. InvestComics’ fan favorite Tim Seeley (Check out the IndieCreator Article ) has his web comic Colt Noble and the Megalords collected with new material. Also, look out for Tim Seeley’s new spot on InvestComics’ 10 For The Pros coming out soon! Ben
coltnobleandthemegalords.gifTemplesmith and Ben McCool’s newest creation Choker #1 from Image will be one to check out this week too.
Well that’s it for this week! Told you, short wee, but a perfect time to look through some back issue bins to find those treasures!

See you all next week, Invest Wisely.

 Jay Katz





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