Kevin Smith’s Tweet-a-Thon

Kevin Smith held a Twitterthon to celebrate Labor Day, and delivered 24 straight hours of constant Tweets. He discussed Batman, Green Lantern, Green Hornet, and lots of other comic book related goodness.

We went through hundreds of tweets and pulled the ones that we thought would be most interesting to comic fans. Enjoy.

From @Onabox "Disney buying Marvel?" S’good for all concerned, including fans. But, wow: 4 billion? Disney only paid 70Mil for @MiramaxFilms

From @skwirle "disney/marvel… I can already see: SPIDER MAN 4 starring Zack Effron and Miley Cyrus." Ugh, Spidey might dance. Um… again.

Hey @amadcow2 "Have you tried Batman: Arkham VG?" Not yet. Have had my hands full of DICKS. Also been working on the movie, too.

Asks @theatrered "How much of your original movie script will be in "green hornet" comic?" All of it. It’s the script for the comic, too.

From @ImLibo "do the next issues of GYRE have more Batman getting high?" No, but I think it’s funny how that captured some imaginations.

From @greGCGonsky "bong, joint, volcano, vaporizer, blunt" I’m a joint man. Life made less difficult via CONES!

From @mrsimps4 "Favorite Simpsons episode?" Mr. Bergstrom (or Booger-Strom). "You are Lisa Simpson," always makes me tear up. Like now.

(1/2) @spikesnflowers "Ur a huge DD fan. Fave story-arch?" Aside from (sell!) I loved the runs by Miller and..

(2/2) Bendis. Ann
Nocenti did weird, sexy things to DD, too. But hands-down fave ish is
BORN AGAIN chapter where Matt saves Karen. So good.

From @Slytherin_Pixie "Ever think of collaborating with Joss Whedon?" Kinda did: we were both on VERONICA MARS. The show, not @IMKristenBell

From @TylersaurousRex "What is your favorite batman story?" No shocks here: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, closely followed by YEAR ONE.

From @neftones "any chance of an original comic series from you in the near future?" Why bother. Such great characters already out there.

From @CrashSidious "why you walk away from the Green Hornet project" Wasn’t confident enough to tackle it then. Wasn’t ready to go "big".

From @boofcombs "If Harley had been a dude what would you have named him?" We were ready to go with Charlie Quinn. Very glad she wasn’t dude

From @MissMitsu "What graphic novel would you most want to film?" Don’t wanna make it, but wanna see DARK KNIGHT RETURNS adaptation one day.

From @zyvette "don’t you want a chick to draw your Mallrats sequel?" You mean the RATS comic I’ve been threatening to do for years? Sure.

From @Fantasio "Are you the owner of the rights of your movies?" In 10 years, all UK rights revert back to me. In U.S., Disney owns forever.

From @AdamHolisky "Star Trek: The Original Series or Star Trek: The Next Generation?" Neither: STAR TREK: THE MOVIES.

From @redpuma "Do you think Disney will kill the amazingness of Marvel?" They didn’t kill the amazingness of @MiramaxFilms back in the day.

Via @stew310 "loved your GreenArrow run.will you be writing another?" Doing Batman now. Try your local store or

Via @doctoraicha "Ever consider coming to Dragon*Con?" Haven’t been since ’96. Enjoyed it then, too. Watched a Klingon funeral procession.

Via @theAguilar "Favorite Batfilm and Batcomic arc respectively?"
Flick: THE DARK KNIGHT. Comic: DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Sensing pattern…

Via @Gabo_2408 "do you hate tim burton for the Superman thing?" Not at all. I respect the shit out of Tim, even if I don’t dig every flick.

Via @stuntmandrew "What’s best item for sale in the Stash? (plug set up)" You rock, sir. THIS SALE?!?…

Via @justin702
"WIll disney kill Marvel?" Dis also owns Dante & Randal, and didn’t
"kill" them. Everything’s fine l’il shaver. Think pussy.

Via @KidKappa "favorite batgirl?" Babs FTW.

Via @Nick_Sydney "Would you rather have Thor’s hammer or Darth Maul’s double sided lightsabre." Neither: Hal’s Oan power ring.

Via @sammckoy "Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern" I totally buy him as a Hal. Reynolds can play less smirky, too. He can do this. It’ll rock.

Via @bily__ "Any thoughts on the new Batman game?" Still gotta get it. Been editing: cut/eat/fuck/sleep/brick, in no particular order.

Via @CoreyMPAnderson "Matt Damon for Captain America or Matt Damon for Captain America?" I’m gonna make controversial choice: Matt Damon.

Via @rjharman "Black Cat, Mary Jane, or Gwen Stacy?" Felicia Hardy, FTW. She likes to fuck masked men, and when they come clean, she wigs.

Via @malantha "no batman questions?" For you? Okay: why’s Batman so fucking rad? More of a statement: he’s kind of a gumshoe.

Via @DavidALapham "Congrats, dude, this was a very cool thing." Holy shit, Lapham! STRAY BULLETS and AMY RACECAR himself! Long time, sir!

BIG THANKS for following along, folks, as well as all the slow pitches. Had fun, but now must sleep……

This reporter’s favorite Tweet:

From @ScottyMars25 "Any chances of you and Howard Stern making up?" We’re not fighting. No scandal: just better (for me) with @OpieRadio.

Suck on that, Stern fans!

Kevin Smith’s next movie, A Couple of Dicks starring Bruce Willis, Michelle Trachtenberg, Seann William Scott, Jason Lee, and Jim Norton, has a release date of February 26th, 2010. Smith’s new book, Shootin’ the Shit with Kevin Smith: The Best of the SModcast will be released on September 29th. Smith can apparantly be heard this morning the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius/Xm Satellite Radio, which replays throughout the day on Sirius 197 or XM 202.

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